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Masinde Muliro (MMUST) Upcoming Cultural Week.(TAMASHA)

Gracey Eunice
Written by Gracey Eunice
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Over the years cultural week has been part and parcel of universities countrywide.students get to set aside the monotony of books and get into some thrilling fun.Different universities have different ways of holding their cultural week and in Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology(MMUST) The Cultural week is one hell of an event that covers the entire description of fun,pleasure and entertainment.MMUST is located in the Western Region of Kenya in Kakamega county,a place rich of culture and traditions.
This year,Masinde Muliro are having their annual cultural week starting from the 20th of APRIL 2017.

The cultural week showcases the diversity of the institution’s members and their cultural backgrounds.The event is geared towards uniting many communities at the university by encouraging each to learn about and understand each others cultures.
The cultural week features various activities and MMUST will tell you this is an event they’ll want twice a semester.It’s so interesting to see members of different communities interacting easily.
The event gives students a chance to make their presentations on stage before judges.musicians,dancers,artists and body builders show off their best moves.there is always good music running from ‘Isukuti’ ‘Amabeka’, ‘ohangla’ ‘kanungo’, ‘Uro’ “Itheke” “mukanda”, “muthungushi”, “ndumo”, “chakacha”,”taarab”  alongside great gospel and secular artists hitting the stage one after the other.
Fashion which is one great part of the event is one entertaining show you wouldn’t love to miss.with each community trying to showcase their traditions and culture through body wear the whole event turns out so colourful.You’ll enjoy the Maasai traditional garb,the shuka and jumping up and down of Morans.The coast people with their Kanzus and leso,luos with their skin cloaths and ‘Owalo’,Luhyas with ‘Amasero’, kikuyu with ‘nguo ya ngoro’, Kalenjins with “Muita” and much much more.
There is always cooking and feasting.The luo presenting their “Kuon” and “Rech”,Luhyas presenting their favourite “Obusuma” “Ingokho” and “busaa”,the coastal people enjoying Biriani as the Kikuyus prepare”mokimo” ,the Kamba with “Muthokoi” “Matoke” by the kisii and the Kalenjin’s “mursik” is one drink that keeps people awake all night.
Theres always exbitions from talented artists,and poetry, spoken word and great pieces of art.
The cultural week also brings in the beauty context where fine ladies and gentlemen walks down the runway too much applause,showcasing various designs including African wear,beach wear,official wear and much more.

Bull fighting is one big activity of the cultural week and its one thrilling match you would break your toes for.The “Isurusi”(bulls) are trained for this major fight and when the two bulls finally meet in the fighting circle it’s always a win or die affair with each team cheering their bull urging him to fight harder and at the end of the day the winning bull walks away with a trophy feeling so proud, I would explain how a proud bull walks but whats the need when the event is so here with us,you ain’t missing out.
There’s always matches between different teams formed from different communities that competes against each other with the winning teams walking away with trophies.other games i.e volley ball and Tag of war are also played.
The cultural week brings about people who students would have never met while seating in an Economics,Maths or a computer class.people get to interact,relationships are formed and knots tied.
It’s here again,its big and so much better.
From 20th April 2017,the MMUST cultural week is going down.Be part of the team,Join the Masinde Muliro family and have one week full of fun,lessons and entertainment.

All roads now heads to Masinde Muliro.
Karibu MMUST
Karibu Western

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