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Meet DJ TIZZLE: The coolest DJ in the KTCA Awards!

Gracey Eunice
Written by Gracey Eunice
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Meet DJ TIZZLE: The coolest DJ in the KTCA Awards.

If you haven’t met him in person or seen him behind the decks then you must have seen him on the KTCA NOMINEE AWARDS.

Who is DJ TIZZLE? This was the question in my head until I met him on an interview with Kampozone magazine.








KZ: Hello DJ TIZZLE. Its great pleasure to have you in Kampozone. We’ve heard of your famed skills behind the decks and we couldn’t satisfy our curiosity until we heard it from you.

First, people know you as DJ TIZZLE, what’s your real name?


DJ TIZZLE: My real name is Charo Nguwa.

KZ: So to start us off, please tell me about yourself? Who is TIZZLE?

DJ TIZZLE: I’m Charo. I’m a 3rd year student at Maseno University. I’m a DJ and people know me as DJ TIZZLE which means fat party and Deejaying is something I love so much.

KZ: Tell me please how did you start deejaying? What or who were your early passions and influences?

DJ TIZZLE: I really never thought I could do deejaying so then I didn’t have people to look up to. I started deejaying in my first year. My roommate used to have a laptop with virtual deejay so I used to do some mixing until the second semester when I decided to take deejaying more serious and then I just loved it so much and couldn’t stop. Right now my great inspirations are; DJ crème de la creme, DJ spinall and Black coffee from south Africa.

KZ: What style of music do you play in most of your deejaying or do you just do random music?

DJ TIZZLE: I don’t really play random music. I play almost all songs depending on the event or concert because you know I have to get to the crowds and give them what they like, so the concert or event determines the kinds of hit I’m gonna play but I play all music.

KZ: TIZZLE, we get that as a deejay you get into nightclubs and discos to perform and one very big problem today in nightclubs and discotheques is using drugs by very young people. Tell me about it, please? And how you think this problem could be solved?

DJ TIZZLE: Yea, true young people use drugs, alcohol, people get drugged and watu huibiwa pia. Basically people are just trying to get high and have some fun although sometimes it gets out of hand. I think people should just be responsible for themselves,ukitaka kuhave fun just have it the right way, health yako muhimu.

KZ: What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many you play it?

DJ TIZZLE: There is Bruce little-turn me on, Sky lurking-Red fox. No matter how many times I play they are always a big hit.

KZ: What is one track that got so popular that you can’t stand?

DJ TIZZLE: Trikide by Timmy t-dat and samankwe Harry song. They are just a no for me.

KZ: What do you try to communicate to the audience through your vibe or deejaying? Or do you just do it for fun.

DJ TIZZLE: (laughing) okay, as a deejay most time I focus on entertaining the crowd because you get that most time especially in clubs people just wanna have the fun and doesn’t really listen to the message but I really try to communicate to the crowd through the songs I play. Like the song GO, to me its talking to the people.

KZ: As a DJ How would you describe your style?

DJ TIZZLE: (scratching his head) let’s just say I love Jerseys, African print and sweat-shirts and collar jackets. And I love nice shoes.

KZ: Would you do deejaying as you full time career?

DJ TIZZLE: Actually its already my career, my dad doesn’t know I’m doing deejaying but my mom does and she’s cool with it. .And deejaying has good money so yes, I’ll do deejaying as my full time career.

KZ: What are your main challenges as a DJ?

DJ TIZZLE: First I experience a lot of challenges with the older deejays who have been in the industry before me. Most of them don’t acknowledge you or want to work with you and feel threatened especially if you’re good at it. Deejaying also needs a lot of cash and can be very expensive.

KZ: What is your favorite color? And your favorite dish?

DJ TIZZLE: Black is my favorite color and I really love Ugali and nyamachoma with salad na pilipili.I also love fried fish

KZ: What is one mistake you ever made as a deejay?

DJ TIZZLE: (chuckling). I wouldn’t say I’ve made any mistakes .I’m growing myself in Deejaying and there is no room for mistakes in deejaying you just have to deliver because first thing you’re being paid for that work and messing up can be a really bad scenario so I try so I prepare before getting on stage so that I give no room to mistakes. Mistakes zinachoma brand

KZ: What advice would you give to aspiring DJs?

DJ TIZZLE: Don’t let it be a trial and error thing, if you believe you can then stand up to it and do your very best else you’ll end up regretting getting into the industry.

KZ: Where do you think you are headed? One year from now? Five years from now?

DJ TIZZLE: I’m working hard and I’m taking up production from next year, I’m also getting into partnerships and collaborations from experienced people around the country so five years from now I’ll be above where I am now, maybe I’ll be  someone big enough to have me in another big interview you know.

KZ: Are you single or seeing someone?

DJ TIZZLE: (laughing)… hio ni tricky and I’ll rather not answer but let’s just say I’m a busy person you know and hio time for dating manze ni tricky.

KZ: What is your take on female deejaying? Do you think ‘deejay world’ is men’s world?

DJ TIZZLE: Personally I don’t think Deejaying is a man’s thing and I really support female deejaying. If she’s got the talent and she can do it well, why not? Everyone should be given a chance to show what they can do. Female deejaying is okay and we should just support them.

KZ: We also are aware that you’re in the KTCA awards for the best music DJ award. What is KTCA; why are you in and do you believe you will win?


DJ TIZZLE: KTCA stands for KISUMU TEENIZ CHOICE AWARDS. I’ve been doing deejaying for two years now and many people love my work and recognize me with my talent so when I was chosen for the nominees  I couldn’t say no and I’m so glad for the chance because I feel it’s a good stepping stone to my dreams and goals. I believe in my work na naamini fans wangu pia so I do hope that I  will win but still if I don’t I know there are still more chances. But don’t forget to vote DJ TIZZLE for the best Music DJ.

KZ: What will you do if you win the award?

DJ TIZZLE: I wanna change so many things in the industry. I wanna help the young people out there who have a great talent but are never recognized and grow together. So please vote! Vote! Vote! For DJ TIZZLE and I’ll really appreciate.

KZ: What advice would you give to young people who have talents out there and aren’t sure of themselves?

DJ TIZZLE: Naeza sema jiamini na kitu kimoja unaeza fanya. If you believe you can dance, sing or do deejaying then go for it and do it well. alafu usisikize what people have to say sometimes people won’t support you but if it’s what you wanna do then let nothing stop you. You never know till you try.

KZ: Are there any secrets you wanna share with me?

DJ TIZZLE: (laughing loudly) what are you trying to get from me? No, No,  No, I don’t have any secrets to share.


Thank you so much for coming in Kampozone studios today, we’re pleased to have you here and we wish you the very best in your deejaying and your aspiration for the KTCA AWARDS for the BEST MUSIC DJ. We do hope that you win. All the best. I’m Gracey Eunice and have a wonderful time.










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