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Meet PizzahMwitu: King of talent in Laikipia.

Gracey Eunice
Written by Gracey Eunice
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Who is Pizzah Mwitu?

Food?  The kind of a homemade Pizzah you buy off the Pizzah shops at a cheaper price, the one everyone reefers to as Mwitu?

Does he sell or deliver Pizzah?

These were the questions running in so many people’s heads before Kampozone had him in the house, now we all know that Pizzah Mwitu is not just some imitation of a real Pizzah.

Here is who Pizzah Mwitu is.



AGE: 20 


COURSE: BA Communication and Media



KZ: Hello Pizzah, thank you for coming to KAMPOZONE The Home of Talents today. We’ve heard of you fame in the modeling industry and we couldn’t wait to meet you. Please feel at home.


KZ:  To start us off, what’s your real name?


PIZZAHMWITU: My real names is Edger Wabwire

KZ: How did you come up with the stage name Pizzah Mwitu?


PIZZAHMWITU: Pizza is some good looking sweet stuff, I’m always good looking and sweet hence the name Pizza. Since I’m human and not Food, I decided to add the name Mwitu hence the name Pizzah Mwitu


KZ: Tell us a little about yourself.

PIZZAHMWITU: I’m a 20 years Old hardworking, God Fearing gentleman who follows his passion to the latter.


KZ: Most people know you as a model, what do you really do?

PIZZAHMWITU: Apart from being a Runway model. I write (poems, scripts, stories and songs). I’m also a fashion Designer an actor and An Artist.


KZ: How did you start modeling? What’s your inspiration?

PIZZAHMWITU: I started Modeling Back in high school my brother Prince Eddie being a great inspiration.


KZ: what’s your experience as a model?

PIZZAHMWITU:  Modeling is a nice piece of my life 

It has made me come to understand many things about designing and been able to meet different designers. It has also made me come to know more people in the field. It’s not easy though


KZ: you said you’re a model writer and a designer, do you consider yourself creative?

PIZZAHMWITU: I don’t consider myself creative but in order to be that classic and the only model, writer, actor it’s a guarantee for you to become creative.


KZ: How do you manage all this writing, modeling, designing being that you’re a student and you have other leadership roles in school?

PIZZAHMWITU: It’s just about balance. I have to balance between writing, modeling, designing and other roles in school.


KZ: What’s your greatest weakness in modeling?

What’s your strength?

PIZZAHMWITU: Weakness in modeling? Nothing

I don’t consider myself to have any weakness in modeling.

My strength is my passion, Confidence and determination


KZ: If you were to pursue a career in writing, Modeling or designing, which one will it be?

PIZZAHMWITU: Writing. I want the voice of an African child from the streets, to be heard across the world via my pen and paper


KZ: What are your goals as a model?

PIZZAHMWITU: My goals as a model is to make sure that Kenya is put into light as a land of true and worth models


KZ: How will you describe modeling in Kenya?

PIZZAHMWITU: Modeling in Kenya is disappointing. It’s not easy


KZ: What do you look forward to in the modeling industry, say five years to come?

PIZZAHMWITU:  look forward to being the best Winning model, more titles. Inspiring those with talents


KZ: Do people see you as a trustworthy and honest individual?

PIZZAHMWITU: I can’t tell people’s perception of me for everyone is entitled to his/her opinion of me. It’s something I can’t change but I can tell you that I’m a trustworthy and honest individual.


KZ: What are some of the challenges you face and how do you handle them?


PIZZAHMWITU: Being a born again gentleman I refer them to as temptations, the book of 1corinthians 10:30 says; No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it. I believe challenges are part of someone’s growth for if you overcome one you are lifted to another level.


KZ: What’s your most difficult photo shoot? Do you have limitations?

PIZZAHMWITU: The most difficult photo shoot was the one I was carrying the cross. It was kinda hard to do the “Crucification Shoot”

Yes I ain’t perfect I have limitations and am very flawed.

KZ: What’s your favorite color?



KZ: Are you single or dating?

PIZZAHMWITU: No am not dating.


KZ: If you were to date one celebrity in the modeling industry, who would it be?



KZ: What’s your take on “save the generation”? Do you find social media as a positive or negative platform for many youths?

PIZZAHMWITU: It depends on how it’s used. Social media can be harmful when negatively used but it can be of great benefit if positively used.


KZ: The world has for years focused on the girl child more than the boy child, what’s your take?

PIZZAHMWITU: The focus has empowered the girl child so much to the extent of forgetting the boy child but no matter the focus, the word of God in Ephesians 22 shall remain.


KZ: What will you tell young people who are talented but don’t know how to act on their talents?

PIZZAHMWITU: I wanna tell them to be Persistent, Prayerful; determined, passionate and hardworking they will definitely get there.


KZ: You’re a writer and a dedicated team member of the KAMPOZONE team, how would you describe KAMPOZONE?

PIZZAHMWITU: Kampozone is an Amazing platform that has helped grow and nature talents. If you aren’t in Kampozone where are you? Kampozone is Bae ❤❤


KZ: Any secret you wanna share? 


“Being number one makes the best but being unique makes you the only one.”


KZ: Thank you so much Edgar for your time today. We now don’t see you as some representation of food (both laughing) but as a passionate young model, writer and a designer with a creative mind and thriving talent. We wish you all the best in your career chase and hope to have you again in KAMPOZONE when you are on another level.



INSTAGRAM:@Pizzah-Mwitu  TWITTER:@PizzahMwitu


By Gracey Eunice.

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