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Meet the lady behind Mr. Flex’s Muscle!!

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Meet the lady behind Mr. Flex’s Muscle!!

As the old adage goes “behind every successful MAN lies a woman” so is the prosperity of a man who has a strong virtuous woman. The success of a man depends a lot on the women in his life, it could be a wife, mother , sister or even a special teacher or neighbor who has either played a positive or negative role in their lives. By successful men, we speak not of only of CEOs, I mean a gentleman who is working hard, earning his living, doing justice to his work and most importantly who is content with what he is doing. Whether the adage is a myth or not will not be our concern today, during the crowning of Mr. and Miss Jaramogi University, one peculiar couple stood out of the rest just after crowning of Mr. Flex a  the first ever fitness and body building competition in the university.

The cheering went on into the final showdown as Clifford Ogutu emerged the overall winner of the competition, Widen Nyabuto a fourth year student on his first semester emerged the first runners-up of the event, despite the fact that he never went home as the overall winner Widen was seen joyous at the backstage with who seemed to be his girlfriend on the red carpet courtesy of Kampozone. Surprisingly his girlfriend is the former Vice Chairlady of the Student Association of Jaramogi University Veronica Akoth. Widen was seen flexing some biceps as he carried his heart-throb victoriously, Widen never won the Mr. Flex JOOUST but was undoubtedly the winner at the red carpet as he flexed his muscles home with his beauty. Kampozone recognizes this successful couple.

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