Written by Marita Edwin
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“A leader is not chosen by views but as a result of how he handles matter in a society “

The moment we are approachning is a very crucial and most important moment in Jooust, a moment of change and transformation. Its during this time that all of us will participate in a democratic, fair and legit event of electing our leaders.

Let’s not be biased and vote according to the line of tribalism, I believe we are one community that is bound by common norms and principles.There is only one largest tribe and thats JOOUST. 


Here is a message from incoming Sajooust Secretary General (Chauro Evans)

My fellow and able comrades, i take this opportune moment to urge you all to participate in incoming Elections, its through it that you will be able to support and elect your leaders, leaders that will air your views and transform jooust to a better place than you found it. I always say, think of JOOUST 10 years from now, what will you have left behind? What foundation will you have left behind for those who will come after you? Who knows may be your kids will be joining jooust? There are many questions to ask ourselves and the answers we all get are the gate way for change.

Last but not last, Peace begins with you, and you are the ambassadors of peace. We are one great community of peace and lets that remain that way.


Thank you all and God bless Jooust.























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