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Kz:Welcome guys to Kampozone Magazine.


MicOne:Thank you so much.


MicOne:Ok what is the name of your band?what’s the origin of the name?Have you changed it before?


MicOne: We’re “MICONE”,

The name came about after we realized whenever we go for a show we’re connected to our fans through the mic on the stage… Some events would provide one mic for the three of us and so we decided to be onemic and only just twisted the name to MICONE for uniqueness.


Kz:Which characters does MicOne comprise of?


MicOne:There is JeyLi,Wanjo and Deezy.


Kz:Which genre do you consider your music to be?which are some of your major influences.


MicOne: Mostly Afropop but our music mostly revolves around our daily life.


Kz: For how long have you known each other?How did you guys meet?


MicOne: We’ve been friends for long as individual artists but came together in 2015.


Kz:What inspired you to come up with the idea of forming a band?


MicOne: Back in the days as individual artists we were brought together by a certain deejay who used to create open mic events… Unfortunately he passed on after a road accident. We decided to do a song together on his burial and afterwards decided to stick together and keep his legacyđź’Ż … That’s how we formed MICONE


Kz:May God Rest his soul in peace.So where have you performed?

What are your favorite and least

favorite venues? Do you have any

upcoming shows?

MicOne: We’ve performed in many clubs, events and TV shows. For now we can’t mention least favourite because we consider them different experiences to build us up musically.


Kz: Who writes your songs? What

are the main themes or topics for most

of your songs? Do you think these topics

will change over time?


MicOne: We do write our own songs.

The main themes, we can say it’s the relevancy of what’s around us at the moment [day to day life]

It’s hard to predict if the topics will change coz our songs are real and we believe the truth never changes.


Kz: What are your rehearsals

generally like? Do you have a set time

each week in which you practice or are

rehearsals more spontaneous?


MicOne We have a program we’ve set 3 days a week. Both rehearsals/voice training and studio session


Kz: What’s your ultimate direction

for your band? Are you seeking fame

and fortune?

MicOne: We do this for passion of which fortune is a necessity because we need to cater for our needs e.g shoots. But most of all educate the society especially the youth who feel like talent isn’t appreciated.


Kz:What advice do you have for

people who want to form their own



MicOne: Band is not a joke, you have to create bond in terms of familyhood, loyalty, trust, FOCUS and work smart

Kz:How can fans-to-be gain access

to your music? Do you have a website

with sample songs or a demo CD?

MicOne: Our music are available on YOUTUBE @MICONE television and all our social media platform’s @micone_television. We are also available on sound cloud.         Www.cheedeemusic in TZ and UG.

Kz: What has been your biggest

challenge as a band? Have you been

able to overcome that challenge? If so,


MicOne: Management..but God has been great to us coz we’ve been handing all by our own.

Kz: Do you have a record label? Are

you a member of any music


MicOne: We are not under any label but we are working with one producer “STARBIZ” whom we entrust with our projects.

Kz: Is there anyone you’d like to

acknowledge for offering financial or

emotional support?

MicOne: For financial support we uknowledge MICONE as a team. Emotionally we uknowledge our producer and more so our fans who have stood with us.

Kz: Thank you guys for accepting our interview request.You’re welcome to KampoZone again.It’s been a great pleasure interviewing you.

MicOne:The pleasure is all ours

And continue doing the good job you’re doing, supporting 254 entertainment.

Kz:Thanks a lot.

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