Modern Real Estate Moguls: Rich Idlers Investment Hacks

Wilson Muriuki
Written by Wilson Muriuki
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When you mention Property Market in Kenya, everyone thinks of plots for sale. When you ask of the best investment plans for chamas, the first answer will be buying land then subdividing it into plots meant for sale. While such investments are for the rich, well, things have changed. A new group of smart investors is cropping up. Though they’re always lazing around “busy” with their smartphones, do not mistake them for the old-fashioned idlers of the 90’s. Hail the RICH IDLERS!!!

First, let’s understand how they earned their initial cash and secured their first plot.

#Linking up with like-minded people

That guy who meditates at the barbershop to some slow reggae jams has an architect’s contact in his phone. His friend, a tout, knows of two or three developers while “she” their friend, seasonally works at a salon that’s frequented by sacco managers. While they often idle around, they do hustle and save as they establish a network of property consultants too. They are bonded with a common goal-Real Estate Investment

#Playing the property market analytic ninjas

Their eyes are locked at the target- Property Market Trends. With earphones always plugged, they might be lightening to the latest news on steel prices, roofing offers etc. Before you sight any property advert, they most-likely landed on it before you. These rich idlers know every mapped land for development, marked roads for upgrading and proposed sites for setting up housing schemes.

With the two tips, do you think you can try investing in property come 2017?

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