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We’ve all heard of sad break up stories that make us cry and leave us with puppy eyes and ones that actually make us think twice about the quality of relationships we want. We’ve heard too many sweet sour love stories but I’m definitely sure you’ve never heard of this one.

On the Saturday of June 10th, residents of Eldoret Uasin Gishu County were surprised when two students Isaac Mureithi and Lucy Kamau held a Swahili themed wedding only to break up after an hour. As the story goes, the ‘couple’ spent Ksh. 100,000 to hold a Mock Wedding as part of their Fourth Year Academic practical.
It was only after the exam ended that the residents realized that the mahamris were part of a model wedding which went as far as overseeing the exchange of rings only to be ‘annulled’ thereafter.

Image Courtesy of edaily

According to the pair’s lecturer Dr. Jackline Korir, the mock wedding was part of the practical exams that the students had to sit so as to fulfill the requirements of their course while preparing the students of Hospitality and Tourism sector for the future which entails the planning of such event for themselves or on behalf of other members of the society.

Image Courtesy of edaily

So I guess this is not the sad romantic story your definitely wishing you’d heard for but at least it had a beautiful end. And if by any chance whatsoever, you and your hubby are planning to have a small but unique wedding then fear not, Dr. Korir and her students are looking desperately for lovebirds who are unable to fund a wedding to use the set up in tying the knot so that the resources do not go to waste. Unless of course you’re suffering from Ujaluo in which case the thought of not having a helicopter in your wedding is most likely kill you.

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