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By now everyone the world over knows who Robert Mugabe is and if you don’t then you probably live under a rock. The life leader of Zimbabwe has led the south of Africa nation for a whooping 33 years comfortably booking a spot among the world’s longest serving dictators and counting.
He recently declared that he intends to remain president until he finds a liable successor. Talk about ultimatums. Most people frown upon his sentiments viewing them as undemocratic and greedy.Rumours are flying around that the new president of U.S of A has vowed to unseat the old guard but this has not unfazed him one bit.

I think Mugabe might have gotten something right, his not leaving the presidency has nothing to do with being power hungry but a bid to protect his country or so he says. But really how many African countries have plunged into anarchy barely days after their dictator has given the country back to the people just look at South Sudan.

The people of South Sudan struggled for a long time to be separated from the Sudan because they believed that they were being shortchanged in development and other basic amenities by their northern leader. It was given to then. Barely a year after the much celebrated independence they started killing each other with no help from the Sudan. Talk about doing all bad by yourself .
The country is over ran by militia and the citizens are left to their miseries. Dare I say that they are suffering now more than they did before?.
South Sudan is just one of several countries that have gone into chaos before a carefully crafted transition of power. If you don’t believe me as our Libyan brothers and sisters what happened to them after unceremoniously dethroning Muammar Gaddafi or better yet the Congolese people from Zaire.
Mugabe does not want his people to start killing themselves over power that he has been controlling for decades. He is probably mentoring a reliable protegé to take over from him , so that he can ensure a safe transition of power.
Watch his space.

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