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Written by Esther Ogina
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Mulla Hit Maker Thrills Crowd at Blaze Summit!


Serienki Gisteo, popularly known as Sen thrilled the crowd at the Kisumu blaze Summit on Saturday!

At the drop of her track:’Haters Gon Still Hate’ the crowd went wild and the grounds were roaring with fiery applause!

Sen Swiftly rushed to the stage took the mike…..uncocked it and took over the moment!




Cleverly manoeuvering the stage

and dropping the blastful hit,the crowd got wild,and cheered hard.

All vigour gushed out of the upcoming rapper as she set to give her audience the Best.She went all up high dropping rhymes …’Hakuna Matata …l might me your lucky star so you better dream about me..l bought some lucky shoes why you hating on me?’ Dissing  haters in the realest way!

Sen Sonic in the mix!! I tell you!!

The event was a must attend and nobody missed the perfect show!

In attendance were big personalities in the rap industry;Octopizo the ‘bank Otuch ‘king  and his baby mama coloured the event.

Octopizzo with some fans

Octopizzo with some fans

Sen with Octopizzo's Baby Mama

Sen with Octopizzo’s Baby Mama and a Fan

King kaka and his empire took to the grounds causing a thrill among the Jaramogi students and other invitees.


Kaligraph Jones did not miss out either and this stirred the much awaited blaze summit a notch higher.A brief talk to the hip hop queen had her accrediting the prowess to Mien,founder and C.E.O of ME-N JAMZ PRODUCTION and the whole Kampozone Magazine team who were a great support.

”I am thankful for what l got and thankful for what l don’t working for all that to get what l want.” She said to this for all her and out there and promises them more to still come.


Serienki did everyone proud in the whole Summit and she urges her fans to check out for the next big hit!

Timmy Tdat loses for a pic with Sen

Timmy Tdat loses for a pic with Sen

Sen & Shuga Actor Dennis Muthuma

Sen & Shuga Actor Dennis Muthuma



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