My Campus Girl-It is no Rumor that, All are Hers

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The one exciting thing about campus that most comrades fail to realize or simply choose to ignore is the heavy load of activities which take place inside the smallest of environments that somehow, accommodates thousands of adults. Explicit content may not just be a characteristic of the same environment, but could in fact be a ‘must have’ for several residents.

That Watsapp Group;

While some of my male counterparts still imagine that a watsapp group is the only meeting point for two enthusiasts, others have taken it a notch higher by visiting the inbox more times than a Maasai warrior visits his lover’s hut. My campus girl has had her inbox loaded frequently more than it could accommodate. They just take turns in trying to entice an already wild heart.

Lets go for Lunch;

Even though most comrades have torn pockets that cannot buy lunch for two, some courageous fellows would rather stay the night with empty intestines to afford time out with My campus girl. No person ever finds out if any of them makes it or not; but it is a guarantee that the figures keep rising like they do in a tallying center.

The Discussion group;

There are actually more important things to do during discussion group meetings, other than chasing a mere fifteen marks. My campus girl is the joyrider in such. There is no need to attend to a discussion group headed by men with guilty faces. There are already a thousand reasons to exclude her.

I never saw you;

Especially during those early morning lectures when you thought some company would be good to start the day with after the lecturer is gone. You turn left and she is out of sight. Okay, why would you be the only one wanting some company on a cold morning? You better act better next time!

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Eugene Makokha

Eugene Makokha

Student at Kenyatta University main campus, Kenya.

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