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My Campus Girl-Why She Will Come in Two Minutes

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The semester has not reached the ‘seriousness level’ and it is easier to notice the many comrades clustering more in areas of residence other than the lecture halls. My campus girl is among the many who would rather be anywhere else, but at campus waiting for a lecturer to force something into her head. This is for reasons best known to herself. However, in case you are already elevating her to the ‘socialite standard’, i would recommend that you reconsider the decision because here are the reasons why she is an even easier target than last semester;

She has no food; if you think food is as easy to get in campus as it was in high school, you are wrong. Food is among the causes of headaches in campus and the hottest divas are no exception. Just invite her for supper and you will be a ‘Sonko Rescue Team’ member to her.

My campus girl may be coincidentally eying you too. If you happen to be in campuses where the number of ladies is three quarters of the total student population, then chances are, you are among the sought after gentlemen in the course. You require to thank your parent or guardian on this because she is only a phone call away.

She is longing for more experiences in life. We all long for new and better experiences even in hopeless circumstances. Even if she has been through a heartbreak before, there are high chances that she is not going it alone all semester.

The ‘sponsor’ or boyfriend is not always there. My fellow gentlemen at campus are often scared of the ‘sponsors’ even more than their own lecturers. However, the good news is, the ‘sponsor’ only gets a fraction of her time. She may be in several relationships but they are only valid for as long as she is near the involved gentlemen.

As a best friend, my campus girl has no negative attitude or discrimination against any of her course-mates despite being mistaken for so. You should not be scared of her because you do not have to win a lottery to get to touch her heart.

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Eugene Makokha

Eugene Makokha

Student at Kenyatta University main campus, Kenya.

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