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Vivian Kerubo
Written by Vivian Kerubo
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Climate Change… It is real,
The current world we are living on,
Is dying as yesterday was gone,
We try to depend on our governments,
But we mostly end up in arguments,
Corruption has become part of their lives
Though one day they will be itched with hives,
I have only hope to cling on,
That a bright day will come with change

Our rivers, streams and water sources are drying
My people from Turkana are crying,
They need help from the government,
But it all started from our degraded environment,
I say change must start with us,
That’s when all these will pass,
People globally are getting it the hard way,
We won’t let our great ideas just sway.

It’s high time we start accepting,
That our climate is really changing,
Who and how will we fill this widened gaps?
Drought, floods, increase in temperature and melting of Ice caps,
It’s time we think of our lost species,
While trying to richen ourselves,
It has been an overdue debate about climate change,
But in order to mitigate, we first need to accept facts.

Until we realize that money cannot be eaten,
That’s when climate change will be dealt with,
Can you imagine how beautiful earth was before?
But all I see now are drying streams and rivers,
Some deserts were once vegetated (Amazon desert)
But our greed for money in the name of development resulted to it,
It is with great sorrow,
That we do not even think about tomorrow.

Truth can be denied but not avoided,
Climate change can be denied but can never be avoided,
Many people are still in the dark,
Not knowing that our climate is changing,
Evidences have been proven allover
That our future generations are at risk
In order to save them, we must save our environment.
Money has no value,
Our planet/environment does,
Here we are busy striving for money,
Not knowing we are killing ourselves,
The 2 degree temperature rise is a crisis,
If you still doubt, visit Turkana, Belgian and Bangladesh,
Thousands of our species are already extinct,
And time is running out before we are next.

It was an error when we degraded our environment,
But it can be corrected before it becomes a mistake,
Let’s stop blaming the government and the politicians,
Because the roots of climate change began with us,
It’s everyone’s responsibility to take care of the environment,
If we do not work together to save our planet,
Then we will be equally extinct.

It is really bad news to Earth,
When I stand to say that,
Where there were trees to clean the air,
Are now big factories that poison it?
Where there was fresh drinking water,
Are now toxic, stinking wastes from our industries?
Billions of our people are seriously starving,
Despite having enough food to satisfy them

It is not about saving the planet anymore,
The planet was and will be there whether with us or not,
Earth has been around for billions of years anyway,
We are a flash in time but our impact is forever,
Our future generations will have the opportunity,
To determine if Earth is survivable,
We need to save ourselves,
Yes you and I can save our future generations…

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