MY DATE WITH MR. BURUDANI – Jaramogi University….

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Written by Susan Adeka
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Wycliffe muchiri is a third year student of Business Administration majoring in finance. He is an upcoming model and is currently the reigning Mr Burudani. He is simple, outgoing and completely passionate about modelling and fashion. He features kampozone as our Mentor of the Day. 



And this is what he had to say about himself :
Me: Why did you choose modeling ? 
Him: I chose modelling because its my passion, so am doing it out of passion and also because it touches my sense of innovation and creativity.
First modeling gig.
In form three, contesting for mr third
Me: Why Mister Burudani?

Him: It was just Mine for the taking

Me: What other pageants have you contested in ?
Him: Mr and miss dallas,Mr and miss fashion kisii
Is it alot of work?
It’s not that much work but it takes alot of time,that is travelling to attend and participate fashion shows,following the latest trends in fashion and also training
Me:What’s your selling point?
Him: My confidence and creativity. My unique sense of style is also something else.
What does true beauty entail?According to me true beauty is in the behaviour and character of a person as looks are at times deceptive.
Me: What’s your kind of a woman?
Him: A simple and reserved woman would be most ideal. I also prefer women who don’t do makeup, dark or chocolate in complexion and should  be alot shorter than I am.
Me: What is your take on the misconception that pageants are disrespectful to women?
Him: I totally disagree with that statement. Personally i think pageants are respectable because they are a result of passion and hard work. Models who participate in pageants should not be made to feel any less because it requires  real talent, lots of courage and hard work.


Me: Which influential person would you want to meet and what would you like to learn from him/her?
Him: I would like to meet the boy band Sauti Sol. In addition to their dressing cord and dancing style, which impresses me, I would like to know how they maintain unity among themselves, their team work and their journey to fame and fortune.
Me: So you are a participant in the Mr and miss Jooust pageantry?
Him: am working on my style in terms of dressing and modelling skills to come up with something more creative and unique. With all this effort, i believe that my unique style will give me an upper hand over other contestants.
Me: In case you get crowned as the next Mr JOOUST what projects do you feel you can initiate?
Him: I will initiate a modelling club so that we can help nurture modelling as a talent in JOOUST.

Me: What are some of the challenges that you have faced in your modelling career so far?

Me: When i started modelling I was rejected, ridiculed and deserted by friends. They thought it was some kind of sick joke and only came back when they realized that i was actually getting somewhere and gaining respect.

Me, : Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
Him: First of all am putting in a lot of effort to be a top rank model in five years time. I would also like to own a fashion house dealing with African wear.
Me: What Other skills that you have that can help the society?

Him: I am a motivational speaker and i can use that to inspire people and change their mind set because i believe that change starts in the mind.

Me: What do you like about JOOUST?
Him: The IT course offered as it is an added bonus to our degrees and i also love the Jooust environment.
Me: What’s your parents attitude to your modeling?
Him: They got my back,there support makes me more determined and have the driving force towards modelling.
Me: Who are your role models
Him: Mr world kenya Nyamira county, Derrick Lumumba and Mr Jooust Anthony Isambi.

Me: what’s your Message to jooustians?
Him: They should be persistent, have perseverance and work hard
What is your philosophy in life?
Your history cannot change your destiny.


Am a christian.
I do not take alcohol.
Would have loved to play volleyball.
Hobbies: Travelling, skating,
Course: Bachelor of business
Year of study: Third year
Height:  183cm
Weight: 70kg
County: Kericho
Popularly known as mr. Burudani.
Personality: simple, confident and outgoing.u

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