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Name: Sen Owak

Aka: Serienki

Yr: 2

Course: Water Resource & Environmental Management

Height: 5.39 ft

Weight: 50

County: Siaya

Hood: Eldi

Hobbies: Singing, Acting, Playing Chess & Basketball

Genre: Hip Hop

Best Known Tracks: It’s Trippy, Mulla (both duos Lil Teddy)


Q & A

Me: Tell us about yourself, who is Serienki?

Ser: Serienki is a girl who loves music. I was influenced at an early age by Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj. I’ve got a sister, two brothers and a mum who’s my backbone though she doesn’t know I do music. My first track It’s Trippy with Lil Teddy came out on Feb 2016 and I also released another track Mulla on April 2016 also featuring Lil Teddy. I’ve got another track coming out soon.

Me: How did you come up with the name Serienki?

Ser: I used my first name Sentuke to come up with it, I wanted something unique.

Me: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Ser: I see myself creating something no one else has, being up there not only locally, focusing on hip hop.

Me: When did you start doing Music?

Ser: I always loved music, I used to write poems when I was 12 years but I began doing music professionally this year (2016). I also participated In The Dreams Come True Competition, they came to our school but I didn’t win (laughs).

Me: What inspired you to do hip hop?

Ser: I used to listen to RNB’s from a tender age; growing up, my sister used to rap to Lil Wayne’s songs and I was kinda jealous of her because I was a big Lil Wayne fan (chuckles). When the YMCMB Label began, I was inspired by Niki Minaj and I was like: “if she can rap then I also can.”

Me: What do you like most about JOOUST?

Ser: I love the environment at JOOUST in general, there’s a way the trees in the field form a pattern; I also love the exclusivity, it’s not next to the CBD, it kinda makes the environment suitable for learning.


Me: Do you play any Sport and if not which one would you prefer to play?

Ser: Yes…I play Basketball and chess. Basketball because I was inspired by the Hip hop culture.

Me: What message would you like to pass to your fellow Joousticians?

Ser: You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do to be where you’ve gotta be.

Me: Very Inspirational…Do you have Haters?

Ser: None that I know of, maybe wako chini ya maji. There always have to be haters. People always want you to be good at what you do but not better than them.

Me: What stereotypes have you battled with as an upcoming female hip hop artist?

Ser: There’s this view that women can’t do hip hop. Hip Hop is not for men only, we’ve got popular female rappers like Niki Minaj.

Me: How would you describe your dressing and music style?

Ser: On the part of dressing, I’m more of an explorer. I’d describe my rap style as being versatile.

Me: How would you describe the state of art at JOOUST?

Ser: People have talents, marketing their talent is where the problem comes in that’s why at JUA(JOOUSTs Union of Artists) we’re planning on ensuring artists have a say and are catered for economically. We’re planning on partnering with NACADA and exposing our artists outside Bondo for example, we’re planning on performing a show in Siaya.

Me: Speaking of JUA, What position do you hold and what does it stand for?

Ser: JUA is a platform for artists in JOOUST. Our goal is to promote equality in exploring talent and promote the talents that we have. We want to produce someone who’ll be a local and international figure just as KU produced Nameless. I’m the treasurer.

Me: How can your fans get access to your music?

Ser: My music is on mdundo. Direct link:

Me: Are you single?

Ser: Yeah

Me: Thanks for coming

Ser: Thanks for hosting me to.


My interview with Serienki was one of the best one on ones I’ve had in ages for two reasons: it was simple getting through her and her passion was self-evident. She’s a simple lady without the trace of arrogance one normally finds in Musicians (especially Hip Hop rappers) but beneath her air of calm lies a complex musician passionate about the hip hop culture not afraid of throwing that dope line. It’s self-evident that she’s a big Niki Minaj and Lil Wayne fan seeing them not only as artists but also as her mentors. She admitted that she listens to almost every Niki Minaj song released.


I’ll admit, I’m a fan of her song Mulla, its got a beautiful beat and her duo with Lil Teddy completes it, the two have an electric rap chemistry. She might look small, perhaps tiny but she’s a rap machine you’d not want to mess with. Generally, She’s focused and passionate about what she does, not afraid of sweating for what she wants, destined to be great and quite a force to reckon with. You can check out her songs at


Many have called her JOOUSTs Undisputed Hip Hop Queen, do you agree? I’d like to find out your views in the commentary section.


PS: Hint for Team Mafisi: You’ll have to be “f**king gotten married to the mulla.”

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