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My Fat Heart.

Gracey Eunice
Written by Gracey Eunice
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My heart had limits until my kind-hearted mom, told me I shouldn’t love with limitations, she meant no was so kind of her to say,but she did do harm,because of my fat heart I’ll live with the terrible wounds and scars of the heart.
I chose submission, what men my age would call wrong invention.Angela was the woman I lost my innocence to.she was 3 years older than me and had good experience in the field. Mates cheered me and said it was such a good start and I’ll be so perfect in the game.that wasn’t in my mind, I gave my whole,my heart and my mind, so dangerous it was but so beautiful l thought.bells of death rings not twice, The ride wasn’t long and she was done before I knew it, she only left me a note “I need someone better,someone satsfying. You tried so well” To a normal male, this was supposed to be breaking, an abuse to manhood but bless my fat heart I took it in, what my mom would say not giving up and I thought it only wasn’t meant to be, yes it was never meant to be.I met Alice in my second year of my University education. I was the “good guy” type,one that loved with the heart, saw the heart in a lady rather than her structure or her curves. It made me unpopular among the female gender and few who I got to interact with called me “church boy”. Alice was one of a kind and how a lucky man I thought I was. She was in her first year and like many others was so innocent. I wouldn’t brag about being good at treating a woman but what we had with Alice would term me a gentleman. Love was at its climax, Alice had asked me to wait till we were ready enough to try out the fruit, I totally understood, with my kind of heart I would never live with myself if I ever hurt Alice. Ndosh my guy said I had to man up and be the man a woman wants before I got my heart crashed and my life in pieces. I already had Alice, was I not a man enough? Ignore,move on..that was my rule number one. First semester was done and Alice came for semester two, charged. Not as innocent as before, Alice became more demanding.Relations get ups and downs so I let the warning bell pass me believing things would change.The day I devoured her fruit was after her several persuations. I wanted us to have it at the right time. What men would call fortune, it was her right time and I couldn’t loose her in the name of ‘not being able to’ so I gave her my dose, her poison. I should have known I gave out an under dose. The last time I heard from her was from her friend Jane, she said Alice wanted someone more crazy,more fun someone fulfilling.I wanted to believe but I couldn’t till I saw her with one of the campus heart should have shattered, she was my world and so fast she had left. “Never give up, keep loving the world is endless” were my mothers comforting words. I wanted to heal, so I focused on my career, buried my head into books and shut the world out. Years of loneliness only brought me misery so when I met Clarke I couldn’t stop to think but bring some joy in my life. I was in my working years and somehow life had played a fair card with me, success was my sir name. Clarke was in her final Campus year and I knew soon a star will shine on us. She however wasn’t from a well off family and her being in school was a struggle. Bless my fat heart she had me in my success. I financed her education,cleared her debts and changed her title. Changing her wardrobe and making her the woman of her dream was liberation.Love at the top, she was my kind of perfect. Unlike Alice,she would die protecting her Eden from hungry Vultures, it wasn’t hard on me since patience was my die-hard virtue. For us I worked and sacrificed,all in the name of Love.Then came her first job, it was worth celebrating. Getting her a job in one of the selling companies in the country was an over the phone thing due to my title. I should have known I was selling my birth Right. Hell broke lose and had my life in flames when I lost her to her manager. The pain was too much, this time so breaking and my fat heart couldn’t take it. I had nightmares and spent nights weeping, and when she said she was sorry because in her heart she had someone else life lost meaning, I should have known I wasn’t the one so I lost control and I was turned into a heartless beast that had its beauty snatched by another uglier beast.the heart was no longer fat, I lost trust and felt so betrayed that’s why I had to do what I did. When I pulled the trigger I told her not to blame me, my anger nor my pain, It was never my fault, I had lost my Fat heart, forever.

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