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Name: Moses Nyongesa

Aka: Gospel Hour

Yr: 1

Course: Educ. Sci with IT

Height: 5.7 ft

Weight: 80 kgs

County: Trans Nzoia

Genre: Gospel Music

Best Known Tracks: Vijana Tumeamua, Raha Yangu, Jesus is the Answer

Hobbies: Singing, Watching TV, Playing Computer Games


Q & A

Me: Tell us about yourself?

G.Hr: My name is Moses Nyongesa. Gospel Hour is a Project Name. I do my music as projects not albums. I’m a passionate Gospel Musician.

Me: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

G. Hr: I see myself having a big Gospel platform, encouraging the youth and the downtrodden. I am also a Scientist so I plan on combining my art to understand people better.

Me: When did you start doing your music

G. Hr: When I was in class 6, I discovered my passion for art. I would draw, write poems but I threw them away because nobody was there to support me. In High School, I got saved and joined the Praise and Worship team and in Form 4 I composed songs. I recorded my first track, Vijana Tumeamua in 2015. It’s been one and a half years since then. I must add that I was surprised to find out that different age groups appealed to different songs. The youth love Vijana Tumeamua, the aged Raha Yangu and young ones Jesus is the answer.

Me: What inspired you to do Music?

G. Hr: I led in Praise and Worship in High School but when I got out I was disheartened because people only sang on Saturdays and Sundays in Church. When I met Producer Barros of Cool Waves Studio Kitale, he inspired me a lot.

Me: What do you love most about JOOUST?

G. Hr: Theres a lot of talent in JOOUST- It’s incomparable with any other University. It also has a good learning environment plus am in the lakeside region, there’s a cool breeze from Lake Victoria that blows this way.

Me: Are you Single?

G. Hr: Yes

Me: What’s your governing philosophy in life?

G. Hr: I believe people should work hard and hard and hard and even when they get tired they should keep working harder. I also believe in the adage that success is directly proportional to hard work when discipline is held constant and of course in Putting God first.

Me: It is rumored that many Kenyan Gospel fans feel that our Gospel Artistes are not heading in the right direction. What’s your take on that?

G. Hr: Yes its true some are messing up the Gospel industry. In Gospel even the way you dress up is important. I believe that if people are telling you that you’re on the wrong track then you should listen unless they are your enemy.

Me: Do you play any sport and if not but you were supposed to play, which one would it be?

G. Hr: I’m an athlete. I run 100 metre races and also throw the discus.

Me: Woah…What’s your style of music?

G. Hr: I believe in doing good music. You can have a message but you can as well preach it. Good music fills in that gap. I don’t mind about the genre as long as its good.

Me: What do you feel about the state of art at JOOUST?

G. Hr: JOOUST has a lot of talent that needs a little support to thrive. I’m optimistic that JUA will help to nurture our poets, those in drama and even writers like you.


Me: Speaking of JUA, What’s your position and what does JUA stand for?

G. Hr: I’m the chairperson of JUA. JUA is a family working to bring out hidden talent and ensure artists benefit from their art. Our goal is to make sure that somebody world renowned comes from JOOUST, somebody whom we’ve nurtured, someone we can call our own. People drop their careers to venture into art which is a mirror of society, we want to replicate that option here at JOOUST.

Me: Do you think you have haters?

G. Hr: Yes, they’re my building material. Without haters you’re going nowhere. Nobody wants you to go anywhere, some people want beefs but am more interested in slaughtering the cow.

Me: Where can your fans get your music?

G. Hr: My songs are at you can visit to get my songs.


Moses might be the most confident personality I’ve met. It’s quite easy to note that he’s a humble man dedicated to his craft, willing to push beyond his limits, all qualities of a good leader. His voice inspires confidence, you can almost feel the passion he speaks with at the tip of your tongue. We at Kampozone can only wish him the best of luck as the Chairperson of JUA.

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