my voice in wind

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the phone’s been ringing,guess there’s no one on the other end

my thousand messsages remain unanswered

i lost the address,can’t find it anywhere on Google

the email Isent,I’m told the domain failed

remembering all our memories

its time like this I miss you most

remembering when we were so close

friendship bound by love,paradise


will you succumb to the defeats in life

failing to never overcome

dreams will never die, strength is deep inside

now time has passed,only memories last

shatters of time cascade down

we were to forever fight for these

remember my faith in you


listen to the sound of sad teardrops

rain of sadness weeping

waves of sorrow running down my veins

the voice of wanting true love

won’t you look back,visualize

what was once solid,bondage


and you left with no trace,no email no adress

and I reach out for your hand

i wish I could reach further

it hurts to reach further when you were once so near

its hard shouting for you

for my voice you don’t hear

but if you care then give me an ear

read my email, check your voicemail

the tide is up,I’m in despair

we should be a pair

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Gracey Eunice

Gracey Eunice

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If my words ain't shit,neither am I.

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