Not now

Vivian Kerubo
Written by Vivian Kerubo
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Not now will I think of giving up
I’m one of the few optimistic people still existing
The negatives maybe many but I only focus on the positives
I am team unstoppable to what I really want

Not now will I start crying
Neither will I loose focus on a brighter tomorrow
I know my tomorrow must be greater
And that will be because of my own hard earned success

Not now will I blame people for my failures
As they say human is to error but most importantly
Nobody will take credits for my success
Because the truth is they were never there when needed

Not now will I ever stop writing
This is not an obligation
It’s self driven by inner motives
Even in the next world I’ll still write…


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Vivian Kerubo

Vivian Kerubo

Simple lady....says it as you see it...what you see is what you get....above all God fearing with a big heart....writing being her greatest passion in life.....

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