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One Minute of Terror

Conny Achieng
Written by Conny Achieng
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It is barely 1am in the morning, some 45minutes past midnight. I hear murmurs of deep voices and shufling of feet. I quickly jump out bed and to the window,to get a glimpse of what is happening.
“Dont worry much,its just men and @football”my roomate reassures me.
“But that much noise,something is not right.”i objected.
“My dear,men in this campus are crazy and act crazi…..”
Even before she could finish,we heard people running and the shuffling of feet was allover,the environment became tense and charged. Some ladies who were still awake were urging their friends to wake up and run for their lives. My brave roomate was no where to be seen.She had grabbed her sweater and dashed out of the room, the momment she saw the first group running. I on the other hand,typical me,was still glued at the window watching people run away,or rather running after something. I had no idea.
“Seriously Pam, you are still at the window and the world is comming to an end.”
That did it,the momment my roomate said ‘coming to an end’my mind was revived,i quickly rushed out of the room and down stairs…thank my stars i had not yet changed for bed. On reaching the entrance of our hostet, i was suprised to see anexcited mob strairing at at two people…
“Thank God its just thieves…i was expecting something worse.”i said to myself…
“Sorry to disapoint you …its not even that,you see those two at the center are responsible for all this,apparently its a love triangle thing…”
“I wish i was the girl,lady..i would walk on clouds”i said to my roomate “but serously,people can cause this fracas at midnait for suchsuch a thing!”
“Am still at the part where men,ran out of the hallhall durring an ongoing match to come witness this silly fight…to even think i was scared beyong death….these two ought to grow up.”
I dont know which is realise men left thier ‘first love’ for the fight…or how scared half of the ladies were due unrest that awakened them…however that nait just for a minute….i felt what it was to be TERRIFIED… I almost thought the world had come to an end.

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