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Just a day to elections and Politics has taken a different paradigm. Various aspirants seeking political fame as they triumph through their victory of fame. It has come to light that things are heated up as one of the most lucrative positions(the treasury) taking its political dust to the air.

Mr. Humphrey Tiang

Mr. Effraim Tiang

One of the common aspirants Effraim Tiang has been engaging a cold battle between his competitor Joseph musyoka. The two have allegedly run into unending supremacy test over their campaign scheduled on tuesday.


Our sources reveal that Tiang who is an independent aspirant had occupied the ground earlier than Musyoka who is politicking under “the face of kenya”.  It is said that Tiang’s supporters who were peacefully singing and praising him took a lot of time getting to the venue where he was to speak to comrades. The other group led by Ogari and his men in black took another move to engage Tiang’s supporters who went into argument over who should have addressed comrades in that place.  This led a fiasco crowning the political podium void since the dean of students had to calm down Tiang’s supporters who took their joy praising Tiang and Jack.


Mr.  Joseph Musyoka

Musyoka had to report to the Dean’s office following his allegation that he was slapped.  Tiang had to hold his breath down as the matter went to the dean.  The climax took stage when they one on one took an argument to the open.

Musyoka who went ahead terming Tiang as a goon was slammed by students around the school gate. Instead,  they rubbished his alegations and called it a propaganda aiming at tainting Tiang’s name yet he was a philanthropist who cared for the lives of comrades. Stay tuned for more updates on this….

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