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One on one with aspiring ramogi representative Alice Njeri img-20161007-wa0072

The 21 year old 3rd year logistics and supply chain management student aspires to be the next ramogi representative in the oncoming Sajooust elections.  She is pleasant, outgoing and passionate about other women and the trials that they face.


Why did you want to be the next ramogi representative?..

Its more of a  story that transpired during my first week here in jooust.

Please Do tell…

It was the first week of me joining campus. Being new and all and fresh to the world I was not knowledgeable in the ills of the society we currently live in. A guy I had recently met invited me to his place out of campus and I readily accepted . After a hearty meal he made a move that I rejected for I did not know that was what he had expected when he had invited me over. True to nature he became angry and  threw me out late at night after a lengthy struggle. Being new and yet to make any friends, I wished there was someone at the point of authority that I could confide in. I so want to be that for someone else.

I want to be that shoulder, that strength that a lady in jooust can depend on.


What goals and plans have you set to achieve should you win the seat…

I do have several plans that I hope I would achieve when I win the post.

I intend to notify incoming freshers on  the Rp post and all it entails.

Have extensive campaigns targeting the male population so as to reduce the victimisation of the female students.

Have public hearing and motivational speakers mostly on respect, responsibility and decision making.


How do you intend to approach all the ladies….

I would form a team of girls as my representatives who would reach out to the other ladies and create  awareness.

Lets talk on how you would handle common girl-problem should they be brought to your attention…

I would build a policy on therapy and medical assistance programmes to handle girls who have faced traumatic situations like unwanted pregnancies, rape and fgm.

Offer advices and support to all. I will also really like to start a baby sitting club to help was the burden on child care for my colleagues that have already had kids.

What would you change about the post of ramogi representative…

I seek to popularize the post because I view it as the most important . I want to champion a “Kama si sisi campaign” to champion women empowerment. I would say if we can not take care of us women, who will?

I also intend to reach out to the guys as they are also factors on the problems that face ladies.


Parting shot…

I don’t just speak change

I make change

I maybe a rookie

But am one smart rookie

I’ll fight without rest

So put me to the test

When put to the test

I will be the best

You want something done

Alice is the one.


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