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Performance from Kampozone Mr & Miss Jaramogi University Event

Performance from Kampozone Mr & Miss Jaramogi University Event

Fredrick Jomo otherwise known as Freddoe is a 4th year student taking a bachelor’s degree in Actuarial science. The alumnus of Njoro boys High school hails from Nakuru county and has a passion for dance and fashion.
He started dancing way back in 2006 while still in primary school but his journey to dance and fashion started with a stint in a musical career that unfortunately did not pun out. He and his four friends recorded  a song in 2008 where everyone was entitled to write their own lyrics.
‘ I was quite talented in rapping and its still something that i can do comfortably,’ he says. He however stopped rapping because the music did not bring  any returns .
This was not a detour for him but acted as a stepping stone to greater things as this was the platform he needed to learn how to dance .
‘ Dancing started as something extra, something my friends and i just did for kicks. Timmo (one of my childhood friends) used to let us escort him to his practice sessions, he was the only dancer in our group.’
What started as a pass time however turned  lucrative as he and his friends took on a dancing journey that drove them to new heights. In 2008 the guys formed a dance group of 8 people called Master tearz as they had now taken to dancing seriously, their training ground was mostly at church and they mainly danced to gospel songs. In 2009 however the group went on a one year hiatus because most of the group members were seating for their national examinations.
In 2010 the group came back bigger and even better as it had developed into commercial dancing. They were hired for events and were also contracted to perform  by Mount Kenya University, Mzaedo Kim and Saint P up to 2012.
‘ I was still in school at the time as o was the youngest of the guys. I however kept up with them and did not fail to perform whenever i could.’ He says.
When asked whether dancing interfered with his studies he said that it was not an interference but it acted as an aid to clear his mind and his grades remained exemplary .
‘ My schooling was not affected by my dancing at all , that is why my parents even supported me,’ he states.
The contracts however ended in 2012.
‘  Although the contracts ended we had already gained experience and exposure,’ he states.
The group then decided to venture into business, dealing in electronics, organizing events and performances. So far only two of the group have maintained dance as a profession.They branded their businesses master tearz after their dance group.
‘ Most of them are now not as flexible’. He laughs. ‘ They just want to concentrate on the business and it is a good thing.’ He adds.
He pioneered the introduction lf modern dance in Jooust upon not finding any existing dance crew. In 2014 , he and Mwangi also a dancer formed a Jooust based dance crew skankaz ( a name adapted from a dance crew from Jamaica with a similar name) . The group currently has 8 active of members with hopes to expand.

‘ Forming skankaz was with a passion for dance that I wanted to share with as many people as I could . I thrive in teaching the members of my group new dance routines.’ He says.
Skankaz performs in all of Jooust events. Apart from Jooust they have also performed in Siaya County for the ladies representative at an educative event.
In a nutshell.
Ensure continuity of skankaz
Form dancing classes around jooust to mentor upcoming dancers.
Dancing to urban music , lyrical and lingala songs.
Githendu from The Band dance crew.
Teaching dance in Eldoret and Kitale
Acted as an opening act for Sauti Sol during their  live and die in Africa album tour.
Injuries- sustained several injuries while doing flips.
Performing in shows and not being paid.
Dance outfit got torn while on stage

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