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Pangs Of A Dry Spell In Moi University.

Gracey Eunice
Written by Gracey Eunice
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Dry Spell in Moi University.

Not once or twice, many a times you’ve heard comrades in most universities complain of a dry spell period that happens to be seasonal in many campuses.
words and phrases such as “manze hii dry spell ni real”. “Naona campus imechapwa na dry spell” are commonly used during this seasons. The seasons however defer from one campus to another. For instance,some have the dry spell season in the middle of the semester when most people are so broke that they can hardly afford to take their dates for a cold drink and ends up hibernating. In some,it’s during the exam period when any mention of bedroom vibes away from the classroom notes could earn you a slap or what most campus folks refers to as a “dis” ( being dumped).
The situation in Moi has however become a point of concern after many of the senior ladies lost their men to the freshmen.
As per the custom,the seniors would rush after the freshmen ladies for the first one or two weeks of their arrival for a little change before leaving them for their main spouses who mostly are the senior ladies. This however did not turn out to be the case as most of the men are now stuck with the freshmen ladies,something that is so disturbing and frustrating especially to the senior queens. Sources from the university claims that the freshmen ladies this year have proven to be good enough with their young wild blood thirsty for some hot blood for a good quench thus stealing most men from their dear senior mama’s a situation that is never taken lightly by the elders girls. Despite the senior ladies putting up a fight for what they claim to be rightly theirs,the freshmen ladies are no extinguishable fire. The junior girls who are also embracing their new life in the Varsity seems to be so good at the game and are not ready to let go of the warm welcome they just received from the senior males. We say enjoy it while it still lasts and this is one thing the junior ladies seems to have in mind since they’ve no idea of when their little heaven will collapse and have them crawling back to their fellow 1st year men after they big catch leave for their ‘matrimonial’ homes. Chance and time happens to everyone and they’re utilising the chances and opportunities well enough. 
Anticipating and anxious,the senior ladies who have been laying in wait for their men back more than long enough are now in a state of despair as they are hit by a long dry spell that has no clear date of its ending. Being not able to lower to the attempts and nagging 1st year men,the seniors queens now has to stand the pangs of a bad dry spell as they wait for their men to comeback home. well,we say patience is a good virtue,but we don’t know for sure for how long they are gonna weep and keep looking out of their doors hoping their men will be home by noon when the ones being expected have found a sweet heaven..perfect jigi jigi.
Well,we’re hoping that the Kings will soon enough remember their way back to their old kingdoms before the dry spell turns into something we no longer can explain.

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