Vivian Kerubo
Written by Vivian Kerubo
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Everyone has a story to tell
A past we all want to run away from
But in most cases we find ourselves stuck by it
Sometimes we try to cover it with our bright present
But the past has its ways of coming back to us

I remember a time I used to see my mama cry
I always lent her a crying shoulder
But who said situations are permanent?
We overcame and moved on
When I remember where we’ve come from all I say is “yes God did it”

Being a first born comes with Independancy
Sometimes you have to think like a parent
At times you have to be the pillar to your siblings
Multitask is compulsory
You have to be a good example and all that

Through everyone’s bitter past is a lesson to learn
You even end up considering yourself better then theirs
But all in all no situation is permanent
We are all passing through to a brighter future
And nobody should use it to determine who we really are

It’s not and has never been about our past
It’s who we really are as individuals
Our hearts, soul and mind cannot be determined by our past
Past is a place to remember but definitely not a place to go back to
They are there to teach us about the present and future


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Vivian Kerubo

Vivian Kerubo

Simple lady....says it as you see it...what you see is what you get....above all God fearing with a big heart....writing being her greatest passion in life.....

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