Faith Blessings
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When the echoes
Of my footsteps
Finally fade
And my back
Disappears at
The horizon
Do not stand
At the
Forked path
Or gaze
Longingly at
The setting sun
For I never
Say goodbye
So beloved
Old friend
Please do
Not cry.

When your eyes
Are no longer
The window
To your soul
And you feel
The ashes
Of our love
Grow cold
Do not stare
Blankly at
The ceiling
Or let
your heart
Drip with
For time dictates
How long
The fire burns
So darling
Please do
Not cry.

When my presence
A test
Of perseverance
And your
Head bends
To hide the
Haunted look
In your eyes
At every
New bout
Of my slips
And falls
And your
Heart bleeds
For the
Woman I
Have become
All I ask
Dear mama
please do
Not cry.

When hands
Of time
Strike twelve
And my light
Goes out
Plunging you
In black
So you have
To grope
For fading
And listen
To the
Deafening silence
Of my absence
Or the
Constant tag
In your hearts
All I ask
Loved ones
Please do
Not cry.

For even though
I may be
Neither here
Nor there
Hold on
To the
Beautiful memories
For then
Your hearts
Will remember
To smile
So friends
Please do
Not cry.

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Faith Blessings

faith Blessings

A song rings deep into our hearts and unearth the old, hidden and buried emotions, love lifts us and poetry mends us. Words of wisdom are food to the soul.

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