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Vincent Kurgat
Written by Kurgat Vincent
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Does anything like Mr. Right exist? What of the perfect half? Are there people who are absolutely meant for each other? These are some of the queries in life which the youths grope with in their lives.

What is this thing called love? Its only a four lettered word but it holds alot. How do you really get to know if the other person truly loves you as you do? Some questions don’t really seem to have answers, also if you are to marry when  you fall in love,then ask yourself, how many crushes have you had and how many people have you loved since you were born? Or can we just assume they were blind passions? If so, how can we differentiate between true love and passion?
You can also think about this during the taking of vows couples say ‘for better or for worse’, don’t they? But surely why do people soon rush for divorce? Or is it just because its lawful? What of the sorrowful situations we get to hear in the news, of a lady having have had to ‘nyofoa’ the genitals of a man or a lady having have been killed by husband?
There are cases of lovers breaking apart and one of them having have taken poison, or went for the rope even before they were married and yet there are a thousand and one ladies and men out there who are still single.

What could be the answer to end this sad trend? Could we allow our relationships go through the test of time to check if they are true? They say time is the greatest healer and also could be the greatest taster. Could people also turn to God? Surely He has the answer to everything, remember the case of Isaac in the Bible, how he got to have his wife.

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Vincent Kurgat

Kurgat Vincent

Am a third year student taking B.Ed. Special Needs Education with IT. Am an introverted guy who is saved and loves writing poems.

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