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Reproduction is the flaw of love so it said but to what extent do we love till we have an assurance that an introduction of an infant into our relationship can be handled by the both of us without anyone left feeling intimidated. we try as much as possible in our affairs to avoid situations that may bring forth the baby,but at times we dont always get our way we miss a step and there comes junior. The turmoil begins, how are we to take care of the baby? I mean we are both unemployed, how am i going to face my parents? Plus a whole nine months with a protruding belly?All these starts to ring in our minds. Questions of what to do and what not to do come forth. The lady gets depressed and the man stressed. It’s called the ULTIMATE CHALLENGE  OF LOVE. The feeling that even though you undress the emotional attachment of sexual desire you still have got a friend to give you courage and support. That is the true promise of love, asking a chance and being given,loving and being reciprocated to,asking for a hand and being left to guide and to show the way this is the epitome of trust between two who are in love.That though i close my eyes and follow blindly i know i wont end up in the ditch.Why then would you let us consummate and let me bear all consequence?bringing forth life is one the foremost difficult tasks in womanhood.one needs peace of mind, body and soul.That way the mother to be prepares psychologically and gains acceptance not only from others but herself too. However most men dont realize this, for them this is the time to “shut off” their phones,this only echoes the words they cant seem to pronounce. They lose contact and dont realize just what this does to the lady,your silence kills her!you are sending her to the cliff or giving her a rope and if she is strong enough to reject your rope,she knows there are repercussions perhaps it will cost her education, family relations or being thrown out she is in for it all. They say love endures all, if it is love and the feeling is mutual, be true and don’t give the hell you had not promised. Sometimes a little concern also matters, perhaps your mama went through the same hell because of you, it could be a friend, sister or just simply your daughter going through this phase now or later. Taking responsibility is a sign of manhood, walking each step with her is maturity and guiding her into motherhood is heroic.

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