Relationship between life,success and happiness

Felix Mugao
Written by Felix Mugao
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Many a times youths ask themselves several questions about life but this is the most common question


You have to live are a champion.all the champions share one thing in common this  is simply what many people refer to as  success

The sperm that fertilized the ova hard to had to work extraordinarily hard to make it,so you are a champion from the very begining. If the sperm never made it then the it would simply die .therefor failure to succeed leads to death there are various forms of deaths

  1. accademic death 
  2. financial death 
  3. spiritual death 
  4. physical death

I would wish to briefly discuss  about  accademic death

this is simply the worst death a youth can die while still young it can also be termed to be individual death since it is commonly coused by a  willing individual{just like one perfomes suicide}

At this level it is ur choice whether to study or not the choice is yours.if no is your answer then that is pure accademic suicide, this is because you have decided not to work hard and therefor you will not succeed and failure to succeed means you will not enjoy earthly happiness so if you have to live you have to succeed and always success leads to happiness.therefore if you need happiness in life simply work hard to succeed

this is a very simply chain of interelation for each and every scholar


In the chain you will realize that the term success is the core unit for life and comes between success because you have to succeed first before you live

After living you have to work hard so that you can succeed and thus recieve happiness bin return . either you have realised that happiness is the tertiary consumer which relies on life and success

there are two types of happiness

  1. spiritual happiness
  2. earthly happiness

                                 earthly happiness

this is the happines that you enjoy while living here on earth

It is achieved after through hard work that leads to success therefore work hard to achieve it.

                                                              FAILURE AND SUCCESS

failure is the opposite of success and also its worst enemy.failure is brought about by what wer call laziness

when one is lazy they will not work hard and therefor they are going to fail and failure means death thus missing earthly success . so avoid laziness


In the chain above you will realize that it is the opposite of the previous one therefor you have to choose you path wisely



                         special dedications to all first years at jooust and all the universities at large

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