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With dating in Kenya and the world over becoming a trend of whirlwind romances, one night stands and a series of broken hearts , the need to know where you stand with someone you are seeing is always at the back of most peoples minds even if its not voiced . Most people fall on the relationship or in the situationship category when it comes to dating . Where you stand is where you put yourself:

1. If he or she did not ask to be you boyfriend or girlfriend. In most cases this affects the females mostly because its mostly required of the males to ask for a relationship ( talk about ego) . When a guy ‘hits’ but does not formally ask for a relationship and in no circumstance did you agree on a relationship , then it most probably is not a relationship and shouldn’t be treated as such.


2. Just because you hang out all the time, watch a couple of movies, occasionally eat together and the rarest of moments go out doesn’t necessarily mean you are in a relationship or that there are prospects of you being in one in the foreseeable or unforeseeable future . You could be only good for the moment as it presents itself.
3. The way he introduces you to his friends. If you girl/boyfriend keeps introducing you to his friends as his ‘friend’ even if he adds ‘special’ at the front, I dully suggest that you should find another ‘special friend ‘ for yourself. If it is a relationship one should own it in whatever way.
4. He or she never calls. Like literally never calls at all. Mostly you hear from him or her over WhatsApp and occasionally a simple text here and there like a bug bite text; you know those tiny little bites… Brace yourself sister there ain’t no relationship there it’s just a situation and you are in it. Anyway others have it worse they only communicate through facebook.

5. He probably doesn’t even know your second name or what you are about.  Everyone else in your life probably gets you and understands you except that one person you claim to be dating. Heck your watchman would probably notice when you are having a bad day, but not him, never him/her.

This could just be my opinion but I strongly suggest that we all access our situations oh I mean relations after all what makes life both wonderful and horrible is how unpredictable it is.

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