Relationship Turned Sour

Vincent Kurgat
Written by Kurgat Vincent
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It’s was a damn hot day
And at around midday
Under a cool shade
‘Formless’, he sat there

He looked up only to see
A cute lady heading to the shade
Their eyes met and he smiled
she smiled back then blushed.

They call it love at first sight
for sure his attention she caught
talking they began, and in few days
in the ‘box’ there she was

For a whole semester
They moved in together
And everyone could say
They were purely lovey-dovey

Just at the peak of it all
And on no grounds at all
He was forsaken,
With a ‘sponsor’ she moved on

His heart she had broke
And himself he had to console
Though suicidal thoughts he had
As a man he really struggled.

To salvation he opted to run
And soon got to learn
Some trying moments do occur
For better days to appear

Now he can afford a smile
Since finally he met his soulmate
And in a few months’ time
With his new ‘catch’ would be one.

About the author

Vincent Kurgat

Kurgat Vincent

Am a third year student taking B.Ed. Special Needs Education with IT. Am an introverted guy who is saved and loves writing poems.

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