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Chang’aa is considered by Kenya an illicit brew and by many, the most poisonous and foul of all alcohols. However, as many might argue, it has survived this reputation because of its traditional stature making men run bankrupt and being a witness to the foulest of crimes.

No matter where you come from in Kenya though or which type of drink you partake in, I guess your mother always hinted at the fact that chang’aa drinking was for crazies and psychopaths who wanted to end their lives before they start; at least mine did with a story about dead rats and lack of hygiene.

Fans of a traditional chang’aa based liquor known locally as Mkangara to residents of Migingo village in Nyamira County were stupefied on Saturday morning when police found a placenta in one of their beloved pots.

“Confirming the incident, Nyamira South OCPD Riko Ngare said police officers made the baffling discovery during a crackdown against illicitly brewed alcohol in villages in Nyamira County. When the police poured several liters of the illicit liquor from a huge pot, the placenta flowed out freely” Reported Hyline Ocharo of edaily.

Initially, there were rumors that a female foetus had been found in the pot but the Nyamira South police boss refuted those claims.

Investigations to establish whether the placenta belongs to a human being or an animal has been launched. Those who were nabbed selling illicit liquor were arraigned in court yesterday.

I guess the simple lesson to be learnt is that no matter how clear a glass of chang’aa is, there is always a huge potential that it will have something weird.

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