Rise up and walk head high!

Written by Ayslum wendot
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captureYou are the only you that will ever walk the earth. After you are gone, there will be no replacement. The shall be no appeal neither a return. Gone! Forever!

And there is only one today that is today! If you don’t do that which you want to do today, you loose the opportunity. It’s gone. Again Forever!!

So let’s not make excuses for life. let’s not be sorry to have existed. It doesn’t matter that you stepped into your first lecture today. A day is coming that agility of a leopard will be replaced by the fraility of a snail.

Jump when you have the energy. Run if you must. Dream without fear. Leave a job you think it doesn’t bring fulfilment in your life. Start a business if your passion lies in there!

Leave an abusive relationship and shut down a door of hopelessness and open that of hope and a better future. Cut links with a traitor who clothes themselves like a friend when betrayal is their second name.

For its okey to drive a high rider even if your father walked all his life. It’s okey to have a full shoe rack even if you were barefoot all your childhood. Its okey to marry even if you were raised in a broken family or you grew up without the opportunity to pronounce the word “mum”. It’s okey!

And everybody deserves a better life. Nobody is designed for poverty. Nobody is installed with a software that commands misery and constant suffering. Chance is for all of us.

So let’s not give excuses for success. Let’s not apologise for saying you won’t retire a policeman because you intend to go into Real Estate. Let’s not bat an eyelid for saying I will one day own a company or rather be part of a company’s Board of Directors say Kampozone for that case.


Let’s not bow our heads while declaring a political ambition because they told you nobody has ever been anything in your family. There is always a first. And that first can be you.

So rise up and walk head high! You have your free and fair share of fresh air to breath. Live your fullest. Give your all. And wrap up with humility, then leave the rest to God.

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