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Sad Love! Sad Ending.

Kelvin Arap
Written by Kelvin Arap
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This guy got what he wanted.
Your body is all he wanted and the rest were just for vain.

This piece of work addresses love issues which have become the greatest threats in our society. Several cases of a lover killing another have increased with a highly increasing rate and this piece is an art that covers a story of that kind.
The main aim of this piece is to enlighten people on the consequences due to unplanned love affairs or even side love affairs. Read the piece below.

When we all first fall in love
We feel like the whole world belongs to us alone
We get feelings one would think its now we are almost approaching ten
Or feelings like we are little kids who haven’t even grown a tooth
Some people actually feel out of this world
They literally belong to a fantasy world.
The sweetness of a newly conjoined lovers
The feeling of love.

Love booms and fills the air due to a newly ordained feeling
You find this love birds in almost all places
They become the new gossip in town
You hear of their love story and would think they are rehearsing for a soap opera’s recording
Love is written all over their faces
Nobody is allowed to talk ill of them, otherwise he will not get away with it.
This lovers never want negative facts
Tell them a fact and you will be hated as you will be perceived an intruder with evil intents.

Days move by and love grows deep and deeper
This two people are now everywhere
Go to those entertainment houses, clubs and you will find them there
Go to those big hotels and you will find them there
Taking on a bill that no lowly person can manage
But look at their background information
It seems a complete contradiction of the life they are leading
This young man is from an underdeveloped family
This poor lady comes from a very poor family
You should have heard that this guy secured some ‘kibarua‘ just the other day.
And now he got some few thousands of cash to waste.

The new couple transforms from spending nights at their respective homes to sleeping in lodges and even sleepless nights at the clubs
Here we say love has become a drug
This love breeds addiction to short term, costly things
And what this people do at the lodges remains confidential but your conscience and mine would give you the right answer
They spend most of their time romancing
They spend most of their time making love
And after a short while, love depreciates
This guy starts feeling like he has got enough
He slowly gets fed up with the romancing and love making activities until he needs them no more
The every-evening coffee is altered to a thrice in a week coffee
Time at the clubs is transformed to time at home
Endless texting becomes ended texting
There is no much love.

This guy got what he wanted
Your body is all he wanted and the rest were just etcetras
He gets too serious on avoiding you and feels like he is not and should not be associated to you
After all he got what he wanted
His heart was not with you
You just didn’t know that he had a girlfriend whom he loved more than he did to you
You were too easy to fall for him because he had money and those nice looks.

So you at some point stay apart for a whole week and there is no communication
You spend most of your time on your phone wishing to hear from him but he fails to even text
You decide to send him a text message hoping for the most affectionate feedback
When your phone vibrates for an incoming text message you are filled with felicity
You open the text message too fast expecting the best out of it
What is written on the text gets you by surprise and you don’t believe it
A lady replies to your text and warns you to leave alone her husband
You cant believe this and so you decide and makes a step to proving the truth in what you are seeing.

You get to your guy’s place and find stranger lady occupying the space you had occupied previously
You get possessed by a madness feeling and starts throwing insults at the lady boundlessly
This lady fails to take easy the insults and also starts it back
The insults breed violence
You start up an endless fight captioned ‘survival for the fitest’
Out of anger you reach out for a knife from the shelves and stub the lady five times before you get back to your senses
The knife lands on her delicate body mercilessly and she doesn’t survive
She dies
You are then pronounced an assassin
And finally thrown into the cells as you await your death too
Your sad love story ends with such a sad ending.

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Kelvin Arap

Kelvin Arap

“Think big and don’t listen to people who tell you it can’t be done. Life’s too short to think small.”

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