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Sausage Parties.

Gracey Eunice
Written by Gracey Eunice
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Sausage Parties.
I’m not a party animal but I hate it when my party holics complain of a party that did not go well because of an imbalanced ratio.No woman no party. Bondo is one party hell you wouldn’t just wanna hear about without getting a test of it.
Just the other day I overheard a friend complaining of a party he attended in one of the famous night clubs in Bondo that ended up as a bacheloratte party,reason? no woman turned up for the party.
I didn’t find it a serious matter until I heard of a fight that erupted as a result of such parties leaving one man with a knife wound.
From his story,they had gone for a night party in one of the 24/7 partying clubs. Unlike the everyday parties,this was one particular party that was meant to bring the hell down in Bondo.many posters had been made prior to the party about this particular party and it’s hyping was one of a kind.Ladies were given first preferences with all the first come free wine and free entry for the first ten ladies privileges. The slay queens used for the posters not only told of the kind of German juice that was out on the table but also warned you of the kind of fun you’ll miss if you never went for the party. Party die hards talked of how big this particular party was and it definitely was not a miss party.
Things however did not turn out as was expected on the particular night.What was meant to be never was.It was what most people would call dissapointment but I found ‘Sausage party’ more suitable for that kind of situation. The expected number of Ladies did not turn out as expected unlike the number of men who turned out in an more than expected number making the equation so imbalanced.
I’m not good at numbers but I know a ratio of 5:1 In such a party is definitely not so positive,So having the number of men twice the number of ladies in the party was no easy matter.I mean,How do you pay for a party only to find yourself in a group of 10 men with one woman? No woman no party,the air got hotter as every man tried their best to at least grab a female for himself but the number couldnt just allow a 1:1 ratio making most men so insecure of their hunt and therefore had to guard and protect whatever one claimed to be his.The problem came in when a number couldn’t agree on what man was the rightful owner of what woman turning the party into a war zone.”Mwenye nguvu mpishe” whoever faught well enough for what he claimed was his had his share,it however did not go well for some especially the ones that had a high equal need for the same lady as they had to fight their best for a win by whichever means and all it took was a knife stab for one man to win.
See,taking a knife for some hot chic you’ve met at a party ain’t my problem,my worry is why you still stay for the fight when all the lights in the room plainly indicates that it’s not the real party and you can tell that it’s a sausage party. If you’re not in for some sausage party then dont take that knife for her.Dude,check the ratio.Sausage parties are real.Wait,this is not just the “nifungie kamoja” sausage,I mean…You know what I mean? Of course you do know what I mean.

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