Josephine Awuor
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Once again my helpless heart has brought me here.
It does not understand the word over.It says go complete the distance and memory that still remains incomplete.It orders me to mend the mistake that I did.
My heart nags …..It wants, It aches and bleeds raising emotions inside me and only My pillow suffers the repercussions of wetness each night.
You really did cast a spell on me,no portion can unravel this charm.My heart has stopped racing,it hears no other heartbeat it only yearns for you.
This heart wants no retirement nor does it even think of pension .
Its a loyal servant that only adorns to the master.
My lord please come make it forever this stuck love, this suppressed spark that is burning.
Tell me that you don’t feel this chemistry and I swear you will be lying,The sound of your footsteps roars on the door of my heart.Let’s end this misery, your absence is of no good to me.
Dry these damned eyes that don’t listen to me and get filled, these eyes that pour and flow.
I consoled My Heart in ninety nine ways but it searches only for your love.without you my string of breath is delicate only after achieving you shall I become worthy,like a sand particle i desire to be drenched by your drop.

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