SEPTEMBER is here..Are you ready?

Gracey Eunice
Written by Gracey Eunice
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Well, well, well..I’ve always known August to be a long month but surely you can help me testify that August 2017 has been one of the longest month ever with too much number of happenings in a span of one month and I believe I’m not the only one who is waiting so eagerly for the dawn of September. I mean, we really need a little break and get to recharge ourselves again. So August was the most awaited month not just because it had the largest percentage of people celebrating their birthdays but actually because the months was a determiner of the next ruling government. The month began with much energy as political parties and party representatives went out in the streets for campaigns and did what they had to do to get the mass on their side, it was a do or die situation and ones language did not matter as long as it got their point at home, so we had new proverbs and sayings during this time and the now famous saying ; yaliyo ndwele sipite was formed, isn’t that progress? I mean, it’s been long since we had people making new proverbs or sayings to add on what our legendary elders already made. Then it got so competitive that we all built up tension, had our assumptions, beliefs and myths of what will be. Those with scars freaked out and hid indoors as those without the big picture waited anxiously for an experience to tell. Time dragged on and there was this big presidential debate that brought a lot of controversies amongst people as everyone tried to prove his/her side right.A few days to the big day the country calmed and everyone waited some shaking, some praying and some betting on it. And then there was Canaan. It went viral as many looked forward to a new life in the land of milk and honey. Some did what they had to do in preparation for Canaan; packed, closed their business, ate and drank to their fill as some even made new attires for the promised land. Calls were made and promises made of who will have who in Canaan and for those who thought Egypt was a better place watched and wished them well. Then morning came and everyone queued, exercised our democratic rights and as some ran into their hidings trembling, some had their life turned around. A man who couldn’t stand the long poling lines in the hot sun plus the midday hunger gets himself a meal (Githeri) to regain his strength and when the cameras captured him, his star shone and we had the trending Githeri man. Then everyone kept their patience.. they counted and we counted.. we waited..All was well and calm until there came form theri fourB (34B) and the media went wild with everyone hash tagging form theri four A (34A) and form theri fourB (34B) on their status walls as our women had a major crush and came up with Chilobae.At the end of the week we heard who had what and who lead where and then our muscles tensed as we listened to our radios. Our relatives went back to “safe places” and all we had to do was stare on our screens all day as if the broadcasting media companies held an answer to all our questions. And when the announcement came that the journey to Canaan had backfired and that people had to go back to Egypt, some couldn’t take it. The pain was too much as those who had made plans in Canaan called to have them cancelled and people headed back heads down..disappointed and heartbroken and got welcomed back by their brothers in Egypt. The sky cleared, the sun shone and people got back to their work, business reopened and we all hit the roadsbagain for our daily struggle. Then situations got out of hand for some of us and we had our own going to the streets with a bill board having all the necessary details in search of a husband in a wedding dress, well life can get really hard but who knows what might be just your solution? And it gave us something to twit on but the bulls couldn’t agree on which bull will remain standing so they took their fight to court and as they did, so many happened while they were away.Sarahah came and stole all of our people owning smart phones and Sarahah statuses became what’s trending. People got comments from anonymous people until there was a leakage of Sarahah uploading ones phone data and thus its extinction. Mayweather came in and the fans had everything to say and brag about while Arsenal fans went into hibernation after being badly humiliated, no one likes defeat especially if it’s a consistent defeat. Still, during this month an evolution was ongoing and we eventually had vifaranga wa Kompyuta. Cyber guys changed their desktop backgrounds to chick pictures as the guest account password became ‘kifaranga”.

Back to school became the new advert on TV as school reopened and students bid their long holiday a hesitant bye. Those of us remaining in the name of hustling and building the nation went about our dailies peacefully. Then people especially those who wished to get in the rooms of the supreme courts couldn’t interpret what our most distinguished Lawyer P.L was really saying in the court room apart from the Pythagoras theorem that few could relate to. People downloaded the dictionary app and those who thought the language was foreign went ahead to download the foreign translation dictionaries. We are hardly done with August when plastic bags are banned and people are to start carrying kiondo to the market as business people come up with different means for their packaging techniques. Pictures of new ways of carrying small luggage go around the media as people share their ideas of what to use without plastic bags. I get it, it’s fantastic, stressing, challenging ,confusing and overwhelming .August has been one good/bad month that has eaten our brains, challenged us, taught us lessons and made you who you are now and although a series of its events is hardly complete and people are still waiting for the hearing of the court ruling which is the commencing of the September month, the question is are you ready? September is here for us and who knows like August what it holds for us? Sick or well, happy or sad, optimistic or given up.


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