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Sexual Healing.

Gracey Eunice
Written by Gracey Eunice
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” I think you need sex more than you need salvation”

Alex cursed as he shut the door behind him.

Maybe he was right.

Maybe I needed more somewhere to push my already standing shaft in than I needed the Abraham and Joseph stories.

I had been sitting with the laptop for two hours, not typing the church councils minutes but checking every porn site and new porn stars in the porn Industry.

I was the new secretary of the ‘Youths for God’ group that my mother had introduced me to a week after noting a significant change in my behavior.

I’m the Eldest and the only son of the Wanambis. I once tried to talk my mother into giving me just one more sister or brother and I was hit by her ever self defence slap “we unajua uchumi ya sahii vile iko?”.

I don’t think she’s the only person affected by the deteriorated country’s economy,not when she has enough for her weekly expensive salon and pedicure expenses.

I was told my father left when I was two for another woman more appealing than my mother.

I never heard it from the horses mouth (my mother) but there’s been a lot of stories going round by the mouthy women of the village that the other woman had some charm for my dad.

“God knows” was always my moms answer every time I tried to find out something to do with my father.

I assumed that God also knew how I had already missed the man Icon in my life.

How could I tell my mother how crazy my ‘sleeping man’ was driving me with his frequent waking and arousing when she could hardly keep up with a one minute talk?

Well,I was a kid then and maybe She could have given me a good lecture on it but the water was already split and here I was a whole man enough to sire and bring her grandkids.

How was I to bring her grandkids when instead of talking a girl into my bed all I did was push them away with my economics or Geography talks?.

All men my age, if not married to one woman and still seeing another were talking about the good experience they have in that field and how long their ‘sleeping man’ can wake,stay still and efficiently performs their most demanded tasks as expected.

I had lied of how easy my “man” woke and how good he was at the push in and out game every time I was in their company and the topic was brought up. So shaming.

Alex however knew that my “man”had never gone beyond the safety of my pants and the only serving he got was the repeated gentle stroking he got until he got back to his sleep involuntarily.

He alone knew how bad I needed the hold of a horny woman to take away the cup of suffering from me and give me a sexual healing.

Still, he insisted on salvation as my way of healing,the only way.

He is a forgetful man. Just the other day he was the ladies sex solution.No woman on his screw list would escape the hunger pangs of his shaft.

He was so good at it until a woman he had joyfully served released a list of men she had infected with the deadly Virus.

Alex’s name was on the list. The only place he could ran to for the cleansing of the virus was the church.

Though still scared,he became a good and able chairperson of the Youths service in church.

Like any other church leader, he strongly condemned my pursue for “needs”.

My mother being a conservative Christian folk,I had I grown up believing that sex was reserved for marriage.

For years my sexual experiences was laden with guilt. I went for years without any sexual contact, until finally, in a fit of weakness gave in to my urges.

I succumbed to the 5-minute speed jerk every time my “man ” woke.

I learnt to Work myself right up to the edge of ejaculation and enjoy the relief it brought me.

Privacy became my number one priority to an extend that my mother could not get to my room unannounced lest she caught me in my body healing process.

She however noted the changes and after several attempts to make me talk,she only managed to convince me to join the ‘Youth for God’ group.

I wouldn’t have joined were it for my decision making but my mother was close to finding my dark secret and I had to find a way to diverge her energy away from finding what I was up to.
As much as I knew I needed spiritual healing,I knew my sexual healing had to be settled first.

Joining the group, I was amazed by the beautiful, thoughtful, educated sisters of faith who did ministry work. These women were not stuffy; they were totally real and insisted on doing everything the God’s way.

This made it even harder for me as all I did was see their dynamic perfect curves in my sleep and wake up to a soiled bed.

Until I met Turu. She’s Truphena but everyone calls her Turu.
She’s the choir leader and a true member of the prayer group.

It must have been the devil in the church or maybe my cry had been heard and I was finally being answered.

I did not struggle with the vibe pattern since she was scripture kind of woman and all I had to do was convince her to help me with some Bible study at my place.

For the first time,it worked.

She must have been on the same fire I was on when she came since resistance wasn’t part of her Christian morals.

Being my first experience and the fact that I was devouring a sheep from the good flock,I wanted something thrilling.

Being her first by the way she was easily carried away by the little hands on I did on her, I had an easy time since she couldn’t tell between a starter and an expert.

I finally fell on my back,exhaling and trying to catch my breath.

I felt my “man” willingly and satisfactorily going back to sleep with his ego up high.

a wave of relief swept over me and I could feel my whole body ,bone after bone heal.

I looked at her sleeping calmly by my side,a smile on her lips and I knew the profound magic I had just worked.

I knew the kind of sin that would be if it ever came to the surface,the Unforgivable.

But I had just had my healing; my sexual healing and I knew I was ready for any other healing,all other healings.

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