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Esther Ogina
Written by Esther Ogina
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She said,
She’ll open me
A furnace of heat
To thaw my frost
In my friendzoned planet
She said- to be careful
Just a little more wood
And the hurt would subside
The hurt,
Of a swollen heart
She said,
She’ll make me a hut
A home
A shelter
In her warmly escapedes
She wanted me to thaw
And l did.
For her
My frost was growing
My ego clawing
I needed her
Her heat
That my heart would relive
Relive the swollen times
It died
She said,
The antidote was in the furnace
And l thawed nat
For her warmth only

About the author

Esther Ogina

Esther Ogina

A speck of gold
Is a burst of cold
Desires and wants that drys out wisdom

But with Essy essence be sure to stay calm

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