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We’ve been dating for two years and some months now. Love is a beautiful thing don’t get it twisted. She was my best choice and I knew I was hers because ours was paradise, the give and give type of love. I believed she loved me and so did I. Things had moved from good to better then the best in the last two months of our dating. She wore my promise on her finger, our sign of forever and we couldn’t wait to be together, forever. I had sold the 5-acre piece of our family land to raise money for the planned wedding and her dowry. like other young women, she had a dream of the wedding she wished to have. It’s never easy, any wedded man will tell you that. She wanted it to be perfect, her fantasy more than her friend’s. If my ability allowed, I’d do her a queens wedding, all she desires. That wasn’t the case, she had by Gods grace agreed to my idea of a simple wedding with less expenditure. I hid my inability by making her focus on us being together and life after the wedding, we were just beginning and there was nothing wrong with starting small. She fell for it and I believed it was because of the irresistible love we had for each other, love had summed up everything for me. I was the only son of the Late Wainainas, may their soul rest in peace. Family wasn’t a familiar word in my vocabulary as I was left at the age of 15 to care for myself. Life wasn’t easy but in one way or the other I had managed to set up a living though not what I would have been were it not for my parent’s death tragedy. It took away my dreams, my ‘was to be’. maybe I would have been a “person” but that didn’t matter now, I had her and it was all that mattered.

Having saved from my daily labor, I had enough to buy three Nyakalanga bulls. custom demanded that the bride only leaves her parents home after the bulls were delivered to her grandparents. They were a rare species and acquiring them one had to part with ransoms. I had worked extra hard for them, love will make you do many things, almost everything. She came from a well of family and poverty wasn’t a common word in their dailies’. I had to try much harder to ensure she doesn’t get less of what she was accustomed to. of the many gifts, flowers and chocolates I offered, love was the only thing I gave without working so hard. good enough, it was all she wanted, many of the rich kids always do and she wasn’t exceptional. Her love for me was a riddle her family couldn’t solve. they believed I had nothing to offer and she was the only one who could tell the much I had to offer. Fate, I believed was what we were and soon enough she was to be mine, my wife.

I was to meet her parents in one weeks time for the final preparations. I was at the mall trying to get something presentable when her mother called. Culturally it was a taboo to get to the girl’s parents in some jeans and t-shirts, they say it creates a bad impression and this time I had to impress. It was one of the shocking news in my lifetime after the death of my parents. “she has taken a morning flight to the States, it was urgent” was her mother’s words. “Sorry Gorge, she had to marry Liam, the minister’s son. everything was already planned and Clara (my fiancée) has agreed to it. our family name is at stake and we can’t risk marrying our daughter to a nobody. Get someone your class and build a life” she hung up. It’s the way she sounded that broke me. A ‘nobody’, was I? that, was it? family name, class. why I hadn’t woken up in a hospital bed is still mystery to me. Has she just walked away? What about the years we’ve had? No message, no call no goodbye, she just left for a stranger she hardly knew. I wanted to believe it, would you? She was a grown person and had every right to refuse, to say no to her parents but she didn’t. I thought she’ll call when she got there to explain, to say she was forced into it and that she will find a way for us to be together again. I waited, three days, five days, a week.

I was in a cyber café when it went live on the small TV in the room. I had gone to try finding her address in the state, try to email her or anything that will get her my love message, my pain. The wedding came live on TV. It was her, Clara was wedding the minister’s son Liam. And the man like any men who didn’t know the phrase ‘love’ went ahead to make the sacred vows ‘till death do us apart’. she didn’t look happy, the Clara I knew would smile from the cheeks so hard you’ll think it hurt whenever she was happy. She had a dropping face as she swore her life with the stranger, ‘till death do us part’. I could feel in my veins that she regretted it, we were connected and I knew she felt my eyes on her. Then I saw him hold her hand up, a ring in his hands which only meant that this would be sealed permanently, till death do them……, I couldn’t. I closed my eyes and with all the air in my lungs shouted my heart out, “SHE’S SUPPOSED TO BE MY WIFE!!”

By Gracey Eunice.

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