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Signs that you’re a campus SLAY QUEEN.

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You’re wondering what it takes to be a slay queen? Fine shoes, sleek dresses,perfect body and the hottest swag in Campus? wanna be a campus slay queen? It’s  easy..keep up with my pace..


A slay queen is basically a diva , mostly from urban locations , that has reason to believe she is every man’ s eye candy and the envy of every other woman. She believes that women of her kind are superior and should thus be treated as such .However,some people get to be adressed as slay queens without even them knowing that they are slay queens.Here are some signs that you might just be the Campus slay queen.


1 . Blue ticks

Slay queens can ignore your texts until you cry . It ’ s like your text is an Airtel Berako message . You just keep seeing the slay queen of your dreams online most of the time, but she doesn’ t respond , because she has “ options.” – lots of options. Fail to respond to her texts however and it becomes the Battle of dragons .A slay queen can’ t stand waiting for a guy for 10 minutes for example . On the other hand , she doesn ’ t see a big deal in being two hours late for a date.


2 . Taking pictures with their legs curved

Look at the pictures of most slay queens and you might think they are suffering from Rickets – the condition that causes bowed legs in some children. Slay queens are obsessed with pictures and when she makes you her photographer , you’ ll have to keep repeating the shots until your fingers hurt and she is sure she has the perfect pic . Note that If you like to keep your life private , don ’ t date a slay queen . Nothing makes her happier than couple photos , most of which are just meant to make her ex mad. You will be exploited for photos with numerous hashtags such as

#goofingwithbae ,


#drivingwithbae etc.


3 . Life of the party

A slay queen believes that being a shisha- loving party girl is all part of the good life . Despite the fact that she’ s puked in all the washrooms of all clubs , a slay queen will pretend to be too cool for local music. Ask her if she has heard ‘trikide ’Timmy t-dat’s latest song and she’ ll be like “Timmy Tdat? Who ’ s that ? I don ’ t do local music . I love Charlie Puth and One direction .” She has no idea of how her lecture room looks like and how many course units she has this semester but knows where the next big party is.


4 . Accent.

All their speeches are littered with phrases such as “ Wharreva ”, “ So cute”, “ Do I look fat ?” , ”I ’ m done with.. ” “aaaaaaw!” and “ Oh my gosh ” depending on the mood . Despite the slay queen’ s penchant for accents , she has very poor grammar . A slay queen doesn ’ t know the difference between your and you’ re , there and their, I ’ m and Am. She never will . And she will be offended if you point that out .



5. Outrageous preferences for men

Slay queens have crazy standards when it comes to the kind of men they want , even when they don ’ t deserve such men at all . They believe that only the best of the best will suffice for their romantic life . A slay queen will dish out statements like “ Walayi me I can ’ t date a guy who doesn ’ t drive ” or “ I can only do sleepovers in Runda,Milimani and Kileleshwa , Buh, Kawangware , I kent . ” Her worth is too large for just any bloke on the streets of campus, no matter how charming or educated . Money is number one for a slay queen , with looks a close second. A slay queen doesn ’ t care if her boyfriend is smart or a decent human being , so long as he looks cool and has some cash. And as long as she can talk to her girls about her boyfriend who cruises her in a ML , she’ s happy.


6. Oversharing on social media.

A slay queen likes to over share with everyone on social media . Examples include, “ ugh , feeling gross today , ” “ depressed, ” “ That amazing feeling when you get home and take off your bra, ” and “ My puppy died …. .so sad RIP shushu …. you were so adorable .” “his birthday is my ChChristmas”.


A slay queen will know what is the name of Beyonce’s baby,who Jay-z is in Love with and Hip Hop Atlanta or how many Instagram followers Zari has but she has no idea where Syria is,when Kenya got Independence, Why Babu Owino fought with Jaguar in parliament or what’s going on in the country at any given time.


You thought you had to go to a slayin class? baby,it’s all here.


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