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She was a quiet and shy girl

Her long and baggy skirt bespoke her background and

Made it easy

For her

To be identified.


In that centre of sophistication

She was marked as-

The village pumpkin

that radiated with irresistible beauty.


Two months down the drain

She had a come back with-

A totally new perspective.

Her new boyfriend insisted

She dress scantily

smoke and drink

to fit

the prestigious



Her beauty and curves quickly brought her fame

Fame gave her pride and-

she ceased to live the campus low life.

She went in prados

and enjoyed

the pumping

and thrusting

From the numerous god sent ‘saviours’.


Like an inflated balloon,

the bulging belly

brought her crashing back to reality.

The sleepless nights in bed,

reminded her of-

the earthly pleasures

she had so thoroughly enjoyed.


A problem had set in

and without hesitation,

a cure had to be deviced.


She took-

the problem



that Stole away

her life.


That beautiful flower

on the fresh mound of earth

bespoke of the fallen beauty.

The wages of sins is death

they say,

Hers had been costly.

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Faith Blessings

faith Blessings

A song rings deep into our hearts and unearth the old, hidden and buried emotions, love lifts us and poetry mends us. Words of wisdom are food to the soul.


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