Slight Insight into Jack Ma’s Exemplary Life

Eugene Makokha
Written by Eugene Makokha
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Kenya is among the luckiest African states to have connections to Asia especially through China, which is an economic powerhouse in Asia.

It is always an honor to host individuals such as Jack Ma, one of the wealthiest men in the world. A man whom from humble beginning, was motivated to touch the sky and indeed as it can be seen, he is at the top of the world in some sense.

One of Ma’s encouraging words to the youth is that, they should not always wait on the government to act, as it is the Kenyan way of doing things. It is such a pity that Kenyans do not learn from the past. They keep repeating their mistakes and never want to be corrected. This is the reason why, after more than 50 years of independence, they still wait each five years for a so called ‘deliverance’ from poverty, lack of direction and even illiteracy; yet a majority of the youth would rather despise their teachers and drop out of school claiming they will be jobless even if they attain some education. May God help us. Some even drop out of school to fight for an already learned politician.

Ma overcame all challenges that most Kenyans are timid to overcome; fear of rejection and an open mind to learn and apply knowledge. It surprises me that Ma only came to learn of the internet at the age of 30 years yet most of the African school going children have access to the internet even while at kindergarten and never know how well to make use of it by age 20.

As China stretches its hand into Kenya, we should all rise and explore knowledge with an open mind. We may not have our own knowledge to trade in exchange for Chinese knowledge, but at least we can learn from successful Chinese individuals like Jack Ma

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Eugene Makokha

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