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This Saturday, 25 competitors will go neck to neck in a battle that is destined to shake the university fashion world. The battle which will be fought on 4 platforms i.e. Mr. and Ms. JOOUST, Mr. Flex and Ms. Plus Size will see the winners take home gift hampers, vouchers and a secret amount of cash given to the winner by the VC himself.

Two models practice their catwalks for the Mr. And Ms. JOOUST event

The event will see new models especially in the female’s category, no previous winner defending his/her throne. Rumor has it Lilian Kagendo, JOOUST’s Sec Gen is expected to compete in the Ms. Plus Size Category.


The event which will be held at JOOUST Main Campus has been sponsored by Equity Bank, Kaka Empire, Kampozone Africa and the school’s entertainment director, Barack. A boatload of entertainment is expected from JOOUST’s most famous killing crew: Japesa, K-Bliss, Serienki, Carlatas, and Lil Tedd.

A thrilling performance from King Kaka and a red carpet from Kampozone Magazine is expected to grace the night which will be dedicated to celebrating JOOUST’s gods and goddesses of fashion.
A sneak peak by Kampozone into a training session held by the models showed a dedicated team of trainees who look fit and set for the event. The ladies were doing push-ups while the men were trying on different walking styles. Abel Mogaka, one of the participants says he’s confident of winning.

Who will win? Who will lose? Who will stand before the audience to be crowned as king?
At the moment, no one knows. Kampozone can only wish the participants success in their quest to be the next face of Jaramogi.

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