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Name: Moses Praise

Aka: Lil Teddy

Yr: 2

Course: Construction Management

Height: 5.5 ft

Weight: 63

County: Transnzoia

Hobbies: Singing, Writing Lyrics, Playing Bibble, Writing

Best Known Tracks: It’s Trippy, Mulla (Duos with Serienki)


Q & A

Me:      Tell us about Lil Teddy? Who is Lil Teddy?

L.T: Thanks for having me. Am Lil Teddy, I’ll be turning 21 this November. I come from Transnzoia County, I studied at St. Joseph’s Boys in High School but most importantly I love music. I do Hip Hop which I fell in love with from an early age mostly due to the Black American sense of appeal attached to it. My goal is to make Hip Hop real in Kenya. Yeah, that’s basically Lil Teddy.

Me: How did you get the name Lil Teddy?

L.T: Have you ever heard of Smokie the Bear?(I nod my head in a no) It’s an icon of Conservation, so I wanted my music to someday have an impact and to do something good, that’s how my name came about.

Me: When did you start doing music?

L.T: I began in Form 3, I think it was in 2012 but I left it for a while in Form 4.

Me: You’ve done both It’s Trippy and Mulla with Serienki, how did you two meet?

L.T: Serienki was a friend to my girlfriend. One day She met me rapping and I told her I wanted to look for Shedengez to record with a track then akaniambiaYaani you can look for Shedengez when am right here.” I told her I didn’t know she was a musician then wrote her some lyrics just to test her and she passed the test. After that we recorded our songs with Mien Jamz.

Me: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

L.T: By then I guess I’ll be done with Construction Management which unfortunately lacks a Masters. I’m thinking of being an epitome of Hip Hop like Silent O.

Me: What do you like most about JOOUST?

L.T: It’s easy to get a platform- not that complicated as being in big Universities the likes of UoN and K.U.

Me: What Sport do you play if any and which one would you play, assuming you don‘t?

L.T: I play basketball, but it’s for leisure, nothing serious.

Me: Who would you say is your mentor both locally and internationally?

L.T: Locally its Octopizzo and Khaligraph. I love the way they’ve incorporated the Hip Hop culture into their music. Internationally I’d say its seasonal, one time Drake ame hit the next its Lil Wayne. But I’d say I love Clifford Harris (T.I) because of my brother, Lil Wayne because of he’s lyrics which if you listen keenly makes a lot of sense…Generally many artistes from We the Best, Mayback Music and YMCMB.

Me: How would you describe your style of music?

L.T: I can’t say I have a unique style maybe if I reach the top I’ll develop my own style. In Mulla I was trying to emulate Typebeat by Rick Ross, 2Chainz and Lil Wayne and in It’s Trippy mostly Lil Wayne.


Me: How would you describe art at JOOUST and in Kenya in General?

L.T: JOOUST has talent. A good example is Japesa, the way he does Trap in Kijaka gives it a good feel. I respect those who do Ghipuka and Genge the hip hop however has to be improved. So at JOOUST I’d say it’s fair.

Me: What is your philosophy in life?

L.T: Reason; don’t be irrational. Do everything with a reason.

Me: How would you describe your personality?

L.T: I love sharing ideas. People usually sit on ideas which can save not only you but other people a lot. I’m also an outgoing person.

Me: Who’s that influential person you’d love to meet and why?

L.T: Lil Wayne, he’s famous everywhere. I’d love to know how he handles himself.

Me: Any inside info about how your next track will be?

L.T: I’m doing another track with Serienki and Stinger, its pure hip hop fused with club. We want to do a track that people will dance to, even the costumes that we’ll buy will display the hip hop feel.

Me: I’ll be waiting for that. What message would you like to pass to your fellow JOOUSTICIANS?

L.T: Kenyan hip hop is still not where it deserves to be. We need to make it real. Those who do hip hop should assimilate the hip hop culture from the language all the way to the dressing. Stop doing fake s#!t do hip hop.

Me: How can your fans get access to your music?

L.T: Our music is on Direct link:

Me: Thanks for coming.

L.T: Thanks for hosting me.


I don’t have to repeat his words for you to know this guy is passionate not only about the hip hop music but also the hip hop culture. He lives for it. His songs are a testimony to his romantic relationship with hip hop. He’s also a modest guy but not afraid to speak his mind. You heard the big guy, “Stop doing fake s#!t, do hip hop.”

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