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And it is written, Judge not that you be not judged (7:1 Gideon’ Holy Bible.)
This has become a cliche in our defensive world today. Whenever one tries to speak about another’s ill behavior, all of a sudden refrence is made to that verse.
How funny!! it is the same society that is quick to point fingers to pastors who do dubious things. But what is the diffrence?
you who point fingers to accuse that pastor, do you readily accept correction? You who are quick to shame “christians” does your life speak better?
Dont get me wrong. My problem is not correcting christians, i am all for corecting each other in love. the problem is the society we live in is so defensive and non-complesant. Try telling a lady to dress beter and you will be hit by, my dress my choice.
Try asking youths to be moral upright,most assuredly they will say, ” dont judge me, you know nothing about me.”
But when did correcting become judging. indeed there is a thin line between correcting and judging. However the truth still remains that in this age, people cannot and do not love correcting. Most people are not aunthetic and have become enemies of truth.
My brother and sister when I appeoach you in kindness and seek to correct you, it is not necessarily out of ill intentions. it is good practise to listen and take what builds you.
Before misquoting the verse, judge the motive of the one doing correction. There are still few people who are sincere in what they say. Most importantly the verse condems judging others, it is however not aganist correcting each other. For it is written
“As Iron shapens iron, so does man sharpen man.”

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