Surprising story about Clifford Okal

Emmanuel Otieno
Written by Emmanuel Otieno
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Truth behind Clifford Okal.
Do you know Clifford Andrew Okal?
Did you only knows him as a student of Jooust?

Clifford Andrew Okal Olela was born in 1992 Oyugis town Homa Bay County. His mother fled to Switzerland in 1993 leaving Okal at the age of 1 year. The mother stayed in Switzerland upto the time meet her death in 2008 but she could regularly visit Okal in Kenya at least once in a year.He survived on the hands of his great grandparents from birth upto Class 4 after which he shifted to stay with his grandparents upto date.

His grandfather Mr.Michael George Olela is a retired principal of Kanyawanga High School but is currently working as the CDF chairman of Kasipul Kabondo. The grandmother is also a retired teacher of Nyatuori primary school. Okal started his education at Hannington Nursery School. Surprising enough Okal could not exactly state the name of the primary school he attended. “I attended almost all the primary schools in Oyugis at least each class with its school” Okal said. Okal proceeded to Gendia High School in Kendu Bay. He is currently a third year semester two student at Jaramogi ogingga odinga University of Science and technology pursuing a course in Education Arts History Religion.

Clifford Andrew Okal apart from being a student he is positive minded and always works hard to build his future and being a total orphan has not limit him from following his dreams and passions. After the death of his mother he got a beneficiary share of Ksh 1 million. With the aid of that money Okal is currently running a project (Rental houses costing Ksh 1.7 million) in Oyugis town.

Okal physically appears partially white. Did you know why.?
He is suffering from a disease called Vitiligo which is due to lack of pigments in the skin as a result of destruction of the a pigment forming cell known as melonocytes. The exact course of the destruction is not known thus the disease has no cure. Okal has no alternative but to accept the condition and he is proud of himself and can happily share with everybody about the disease. He started suffering from this disease while in form 3. Abit challenge he faces is that; children always run away from him as he appears unique. “I also run after them scaring after which next time they just become my friends automatically and don’t run away any more, “ he said.

Okal lacks interest in national politics but he is peace ambassador and always advocating for peace. He vied for a political post of Director of security and accommodation at the campus last year September. During his interview with Kampozone magazine Okal said he vied for the following reasons;
*He was intending to bring change to the comrades
*Self belief and principle of serving people
*He wanted to do away with some “Andy Panky games” in that docket
In his statement he added “I was not satisfied with the defeat but was forced to accept the result for sake of the institution peace”

During his life in high school Okal played basketball upto national level ball games held at maseno school. After joining campus Okal lost interest in games due to personal reasons and commitments.He is ever in suit and dark glasses due to a reason that the grandfather told him that maintaining official dressing code earns respect in most of the occasions and also “cleanliness is next to Godliness”. Dark glasses are for pleasure . He also uses a commanding voice always to avoid bothers. He enjoys eating and making fans as his hobbies.

Clifford Andrew Okal Olela is welcoming, loving and God fearing.
Article written by;
Emmanuel Otieno.

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