Tear Drop of a Kenyan Youth

Conny Achieng
Written by Conny Achieng
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What sort of country is this? Where are all the so promises the leaders gave us? Are all employers in this weird country so cruel and heartless? How am I to get 5 years’ experiences if no one is willing to give me a chance? As if I don’t have the experience of being a communication expert, judging by the way I had to talk to all the bosses just so that they can hire me. What about all the corrections I have received in each and every interview, they keep telling me am good at communication and even delivery after passing all the challenges set before us, but only for experience.
For all these years, moving from one firm to another, one NGO to another. And NGO interviews are no joke my friend, sometimes you practically do tasks only to be told, ” how i wish we could hire you, you portray so much potential…” ooh! all those sweet comments are enough to give someone diabetes if it were possible. Is there any hope left? Do I really have to give… no, it has not come that.
Am now looking at hopeless youths lying in Uhuru Park, where I currently am, after another day of disappointment. I have to rest well so that I can gather enough energy to walk back home. Right now am having energy biscuits because their sugar level is good since whenever I take them hunger quickly disappears.
All these people in this Park, are they like me? Are they also tired of the same old story? Should we just team up and teach some people a lesson? but what am i saying? What can we possibly do. My degree is as useless as…


As I stand to go home, I finally come to a decision. I know what I must do. Maybe I will join the drug… but the fight aganisr drug abuse is very tight right now. Ooh, I must surely keep playing Sportpesa, Betin, Lotto and such betting games, but where is the money to bet in? or should I flip the saying, USE WHAT YOU HAVE TO GET WHAT YOU WANT.
Surely enough, I am so joining the new movement in town. Boy! can one get more frustrated than this! Enough is surely enough. Somebody must go home and its definitely not me. Nimeamua( I have decided) Its time. I am putting my signature on #FAGIA WOTE.

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