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The Novel “THE AFRICAN POOR CHILD” is my first Novel still under review and editing but a draft preview is out and one can read through. The Novel occupies special place in my life as a person, an African and as a writer. There has been a number of African children facing life instigations due to poverty. The most victims of these circumstances are the children, as a result, I decided to write this Novel describing an African poor child.
I hope you will enjoy reading it, discussing it and writing about it. And in any case it should inspire you to begin another story of the same, it should be. Enjoy reading.


The town is busy buses, cars and motorbikes moving up and down, it’s along the university highway, students moving in and out the school gate. Boniface is leaning on the street light post cogitating on how his life have been since the demise of his parents. He is currently a third year student perusing a degree in Education Science Combination Biology and Chemistry.

Back in 2001, Boniface stayed with his mother Mary. He was loved as the only son in their family of four siblings namely Nelly, Mercy, the late David and Boniface. His elder brother died at the age of five years back in 1993.

Boniface feels low whenever his compares his life with the fellow students at the campus even though his believes he will one day achieve his dream and lead a better life. His father died while he was seven years old. The family survived under the parental care of their beloved mother Mary. The mother was a peasant farmer and the whole family could go to the garden work together and they enjoyed and admitted the status of their life. The mother also kept two dairy goats and was a small business woman selling some few shop items like soap, salt and others. They lived in a grass thatched house with mud walls.

“I miss those moments back, when we could go to visit our grandmother and uncle during December holidays and the grandmother treated me like a king” Boniface peripherals where he is leaning on the street light post.

It is now 6pm, the sun is going down. Boniface shades tears as he actualized a big gap between the moments they spent together as the family before the demise of his mother. His mother passed just two years after the death of the father. “How I wish I could be having the authority to command death not to take my parents” He tries to blame the nature

On December 2003 after the closing of the third term, Boniface was in standard three, his mother fell sick. Together with his mother, they went to visit the grandmother where the mother was going to seek medication. During this time of the mother’s sickness, the family could not afford even daily meal and they had to go without food.
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Emmanuel Otieno

Emmanuel Otieno

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