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Have you ever been in a kind of a relationship where you feel like you are in love one minute and the next minute you just want to drop everything and walk away?

Have you ever felt like you actually love a person so much that you will do everything for them but then pride commands that you dont bent too low?

Well here is the reason. Sometimes you actually fall in love with a person because of their unique style of dressing A.k.A Swag. Sometimes its their physique or how they talk or walk. The kind of feeling that arise from such factors is actually not love but infatuation. Unfortunately it quickly fades away once you get to know that person and realize they are not what you expected. However, once you are in such a relationship you have to keep convincing yourself that you are in love even when you know that deep inside your heart its a big lie. Moreover, pride never gets in the way of love because then, humility is never a sacrifice.

However my biggest worry is the tribal barrier. That time in life when you actually love a person so much you cant seem to let go and you find yourself worrying because your parents will never agree that you marry a person from that tribe. When you actually see a future in someone but realize that both your parents are trying to pull both og you away from each because of tribal issues.

My question to day is, do you really think its right for parents to come between our love life because of tribal issues?  is tribal conflicts worth throwing away your love?

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